Sunday, May 2, 2010

Knit 1 Paint Too

Words can not even describe how much I adore these pictures.  As I was editing them I was giggling to myself and Chad thought I was crazy and kept wondering what I was doing.  I just couldn't believe that Avin could hold her head up and control it so well.  They were just so cute to look at and she was just peaking over the boppy I had her propped up on. 

These adorable hats came from the Etsy Shop Knit 1 Paint Too and Lucie is the women behind the hats. 

I love these hats.  I adore these hats.  These hats make me giddy and smile.

The hats look amazing up close and you can tell she put her time into them.  I truly love hand knitted items and these hats are some of the cutest hats I have seen.  You will for sure see these hats in a lot of my photo shoots with newborns and young babies. 

Lucie was great to work with. I also loved getting to know about her family and her daughter.  I love learning the stories about ladies who run Etsy shops. She is just starting up her shop and I know that it is going to take off. One of the things that is important to me when working with an Etsy shop is there response time.  Lucie always responded fast and was able to answer questions and give me ideas or examples of the styles and colors I might like.  

I can't say enough good things about Lucie but even more about how much I love her hats.  I used the blue, green and red hat today on a newborn boy and I can't wait share those pictures with you.

I also cant tell you how much these pictures make me smile.  I just adore this little girl!  She is growing way too fast.
I know Lucie is on vacation right now so her shop, Knit 1 Paint Too is temporarily on hold but I could not wait any longer to share these pictures of my little lady.  I will wait until her shop is open again to show you 5 day old Tyler modeling her hat though!  Hopefully you can wait tell then, he sure was one cute baby boy! 

Thank You Lucie For These Adorable Hats!  I Can Not Wait To Order More! 


Kelly said...

ADORABLE! I love the hats.
It pays to have a small head, she holds her head up better than Kenzie. Kenzie's head is in the 90%. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh My!! What a cutie pie! Love love love those hats!! Precious!

Mary said...

I can't stand the cuteness in these pictures! She is so strong holding her head up so well. Those hats look so cute on her. :)

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

Look at her! How cute!

susie said...

Since you are a seasoned Etsy buyer, do you have any recommendations on one that sells Pettiskirts?


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those hats are super cute! I love the pictures. The black and white one is absolutely adorable!

Emily said...

oh my goodness that is adorable!