Thursday, May 20, 2010

Put A Smile On Your Face

Makes the world a better place.

The smile on there faces brightens my day.

When I am upset, stressed or feeling down one smile from these sweet girls turns everything around.

Maybe not a smile but a silly thing Alex says/does or a loud squeal Avin makes truly puts a smile on my face.

This life we live is not always easy, its not always fun or fair but every single down, struggle and hard time is worth the joy these girls bring to my life.

They make me laugh, they make me scream, they make me happy, they drive me crazy . .  if they are doing this at age 3 months and 3 years . .  I don't want to know what the next 15 years will bring!

I am sure we will be on board for one bumpy roller coaster ride with these two cuties!


Annie said...

Man your girls are SO STINKING cute!! You are going to have your hands full :)

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a life without our little girlies? We are SO blessed! Great pics! Love Alex's bathing suit ;)

Anna said...

Adorable as usual. You're right, Avin looks stunning in purple!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! Love that adorable, smiling baby! :)

Stephanie said...

You got some of the greatest pictures-it's amazing how we can be so stressed one minute and then laughing at them the next! Fun!