Monday, May 17, 2010

The Story Of Us . .

 Chad and Erin Schuler

( picture taken at a Best Buy Softball Game )

Meet while working at Best Buy
I started in the photo lab and moved to digital imaging as well as wireless.  Chad was always in computers or Geek Squad.  He is still with Best Buy, pretty sure it has been over 9 years and he is currently a Double Agent ( Uber Agent ) with the Geek Squad.  More on Geek Squad and Best Buy to come.

( picture taken at my Cousin Nicks Wedding )
Truly met b/c we both played a game called, Star Wars Galaxy".
A Role Playing Game on the computer. He took the game seriously, I enjoyed it ( I was a tailor ) but used it as a giant chat room most of the time.  We went from playing Star Wars Galaxy to World Of War Craft ( WOW ). We are also known as Clipses, Trinitron, Shoes, Foursaken . .  he he!

( picture taken in Cali at my Step Sisters wedding . .  an extremely hot day! )

Started Talking In Game
 on the computer, I would stay up super late ( I was living at home ) and my mom would get so mad and think I was just insane.  I think she actually got concerned for awhile.  I don't blame her, some weird people can play those games.  I was not a fan that even some 14 year olds and younger were playing.  Basically Chad and his real life friends thought it was pretty cool that a GIRL was actually playing this game.

( picture taken on our cruise with my family, I was 7 months pregnant with Alex )

Starting Talking At Work
He right away thought I was into him when really I thought he was a nerd/geek and liked country music.  Wow I really did stereotype him like that, how sad.  He does not like country music, but I do.  He listen to R&B and Rap when he listens to music but most of all he listens to Talk Radio. I remember asking him for advice about computer parts and I am pretty sure he thought I was just trying to come up with ways to talk to him but really I needed advice.  

I did notice right away that there was something special about Chad.  I felt comfortable around him and found it easy to talk to him.  I remember when my ex boyfriend and I broke up ( my choice ) I somehow ended up crying to chad at work on the floor in the computer department ( kind of embarrassing now that I think about it ).  I am sure he thought I was crazy as we didn't know each other that well then. 

I remember blushing all the time when he would look my direction or come over at talk to me while I was working in the lab.  My department was right across from his department so I was always looking for him or at him, trying not to get caught. 

 ( picture taken in Duluth at my Uncle Tony wedding )
Started hanging out at Chads place.
Spent most of our time at night together because I usually closed.  I worked during the day as a nanny or was at school and then went to Best Buy at night.  When from Best Buy to his house and made myself leave at 2 or 3 am because I would not allow myself to spend the night.  I knew once I spent the night once I would always want to. We spent most of our time watching 24 and Alias

( picture taken on the lake at the cabin )

Movies Movies Movies  
We went to lots and lots of movies.  I am a fan of any type of movie and he at the time was willing to accompany me to all those chick flicks as well.  Now we mainly see action movies.  We went to a few midnight showings: Star Wars, Batman ( Dark Knight Maybe ).  We have been to all the Transformers, Harry Potter Movies, Lord Of The Rings, Marley and Me, Terminator, James Bond, Star Trek and many many more.  I think I even have some old ticket stubs that I used to keep.  If you came to our house now you would see a dvd collection of maybe 1500 dvds and 30 to 40 different box sets. We own Friends, Family Guy, smallville, 24, Alias, Gossip Girl, The OC, Trueblood, House, Simpsons and many more.  I also think we own every popular or some what popular Disney Movies.  We both love Movies, he enjoys them much more,

( picture taken at Chads brother Nates wedding )

Chad went to Mexico with his family around Christmas time of 2004.  We had just started hanging out.  I was pretty sure he had forgotten about me, no call or nothing while he was gone but he did call me first thing when they got home.  He brought me a shell and this cute little grasshopper made out of a tall grass.  I think he got me a necklace as well. 

( picture taken in the Best Buy parking lot for one of our team BBQ )

Chad moved into a new apartment with two of our friends Taylor and John. I didn't live there but I pretty much stayed there ALL.THE.TIME.  I am sure it was annoying for the guys but we made it an spent most of our time in Chads room watching movies and tv series. 
 ( Star Wars Exhibit when it came to Minnesota )

 Wahpeton, North Dakota 
 I am pretty positive I met Chads parents before he met mine ( that might have had something to do with my mom making me sign a little sheet of table cloth paper at a restaurant saying that I would not live with another guy until I was engaged - this was around my 21st birthday .. I had only ever lived with one other guy it wasn't like I was moving in with guy after guy ).  I remember going to his house the first time .. I am a true city girl .. So when there was not a Target within 10 minutes of his house I thought that was odd and not cool. Then when we get close to his house we are on this road with no street lights for about 30 minutes going 85 miles an hour, I was wondering where the street lights are and where he was taking me.  

 ( another wedding early on in our dating years )

Redstone Bar and Grill
I am not sure where Chad first met my parents at but our parents first met each other at one of my favorite restaurants, Redstone.  I worked at Redstone for 2 or 3 years as a hostess but that was before Chad came into the picture. They all met there and we had a great time and a great dinner.  

( the cabin in 2008 )

Our Apartment 
  Against both of our parents we decided to move in together. It made sense to both Chad and I. I had moved back in with my parents in Eden Prairie and was working in Maple Grove. I was staying with Chad like 3 or 4 nights a week and we were at that point in our relationship that we wanted to, thought it made the most sense to move in with each other. I could have started to pay rent and actually moved in with Chad and his two friends but I thought it was must smarted to actually get our own place and start our own journey. We found a great apartment in Plymouth and started our Journey. 

It was from there that we found out we were pregnant with Alex, got engaged in December of 2006, built our first home, welcomed out first daughter, got married in September of 2007, and welcome our 2nd daughter in 2010.

( Our Wedding Day )

We have traveled to California for my Step Sister and Brother In Laws wedding

we have been on a cruise with my family

We have been to Las Vegas with Chads family.

We have mourned the loss of my grandpa and Chads grandpa together.   

We have welcomed our Nephew Nolan into this world and will soon welcome there 2nd son into this world in June.

We have celebrated with Adam ( my brother ) and Heather as they tied the knot.
We have celebrated with Nate ( chads brother ) and heather as they tied the knot.

We have smiled .. We have cried .. We have laughed .. We have yelled .. We have made big decisions .. We have made little decisions .. We have loved .. We have lost .. We have created .. 

But most of all .

We have done it all together
Side By Side

The Schulers

I love Chad . .
 He is the most patient, laid back, down to earth man I know.  He is an amazing father and I adore watching him interact with our girls.  He is super intelligent and is always reading about and learning something new. He can also be super stubborn but you will almost never hear him raise his voice.  He has a good sense of humor and often makes me laugh.  

He loves me for me and that says a lot about him!
 Because I can be a lot to handle at times . .

I Love You Baby!


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