Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chicken Dinner

Or Just A Bunch Of Winners!
( ha ha ha sorry I crack myself up )

 The winner of the personalized necklace by Kristy Lynn Jewlery is lucky number 33 Tanya @ Keep It Real.

The Winner of the $35.00 giveaway from Sunshine by CK is lucky number 4 Stephanie @  Baseballs and Tutus.

The Winner Of The Sweet Baby Z giveaway is lucky number 14 Heather @ Huskey Happenings.

The Winner Of The Cross Bookmark by Sferra Designs is lucky number 1 Mary @ The Englar Fam

The Winner Of Art By Krisit $20.00 Gift Certificate is lucky number 7 Kelly @ Oxborough Chaos

Wow that is a lot of winners.  A lot of my dedicated readers won this time around which is great.  I still have giveaways going on and I have a bunch more to post when I get a chance.  I am trying hard to mix giveaways in with personal posts so always check for 2 posts at a time.  

I have a make up bag, more book marks, hair bows and more coming up so stay tuned.

Congratualtions to all of these winners and please email me at schuler.blog (at ) hotmail.com .  In your email please remind me what you one so I know where you send you.  That will save me a lot of time!

Thanks again for everyone who took place and keep trying you never know when you might win!


Mary said...

Whoo hoo! I am so excited to win a giveaway! I feel like I never have a good chance of winning :)

tanya friesen said...

Oh My Goodness!! I won?!?! I emailed you...hopefully you got it, my email has not been working right all day.

I still can't believe I won something!


...did you see my special for this Saturday?!

Stephanie said...

Whoo Hoo I finally won something :)

Heather said...

Yeah! Thanks for the giveaways! I emailed you!