Friday, June 18, 2010

One Thing

I can not stand is . . .


If there is one thing I can't stand it is these .  Those nasty things pictures above.  They haunt me and I can't stand it.  The thought of touching them gives me goosebumps.  The thought of watching someone bite a Popsicle off of those sticks sends chills down my spine. 

I know its crazy right but seriously if you were sitting next to my right now you would see thousands of little goosebumps and hair sticking up on my arms.  I just can't stand them and I will almost NEVER touch them with my bare hands.  

When the kids want a Popsicle for a treat they either have to open it up themselves or I have to get a paper towel and grab it with that. I don't even let them eat it near me because I can't stand the noise of teeth hitting the stick.  Cole thinks its funny to come get close to me and chew on the stick . .  I get mad and make him throw it away!

So instead of having Popsicle in our house we stick to two different types of frozen cold treats for Alex. 

Freezes are a must have in our household.  I wish they only came in packs with the blue color because Alex always wants a blue one.  Thank Goodness she isn't too picky but if she does get a choice it is Always BLUE.  Actually everything she wants it blue, she always will say blue first!  Blue was always my favorite color growing up :).

Go Gurts are also a must have.  Alex could eat these all day long.  We freeze them and she loves it.  She has never eaten then not frozen and I like them frozen because they don't make a big mess.  They are still frozen by the time she gets to the end of it.  My aunt always did this and we just kept on doing it at home because she loved them so much at her house. 

A new favorite for Chad and I is the Rocky Road Drumsticks from the Schwan's Man.  It is a little piece of Heaven.  Packed with over-the-top crunchy-goodness, you’ll love our velvety smooth chocolate ice cream swirled with chewy marshmallow ribbons, drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds and chocolate bits—all in a chocolate-lined sugar cone.

It makes your water mouth just thinking about it . .  now if only it was good for me!
Do you have any special summer treats that are a must have in your family?


Anonymous said...

All those treats look yummy!

I would have to say ice cream with cones is a must during the summer. I love ice cream year round, but during the summer we just have to have cones!

have a great weekend.

Sharstin said...

girly I am lovin my popsicles this summer~your aversion to popsicle sticks is funny!we all have our things:) i too love gogurts, and I could eat that rocky road drumstick right now--even though it is only 10 am!

Katie said...

Erin ~ This made me smile. Good thing there are many popsicles out there without the sticks!

Watermelon is a must have at our house. We also love any Weight Watchers ice creams bars.

Snowcones are also a summer favorite!

Leah said...

I am totally with you on the popsicle sticks! It is like nails on a chalkboard!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

I love those drumstick ice creams too!! Yummy!

Jessica said...

That is so funny about the popsicle sticks! Tag is not a big sweet eater but I pull his weight in that one! I LOVE watermelon. I seriously think I could eat a whole one by myself at once. I also like the drumsticks ice cream. Yummy!

Meant to be a mom said...

Your so funny, this is definitely a new one. I've never heard of someone hating Popsicle sticks. What happened to you at a young age that involved a Popsicle :) just joking. But honestly all of those look delish to me! Yum.

Maria Trochelman said...

oh my goodness....i am so with you on the popsicle sticks!!! I cannot stand them!!!

Katrina said...

Eh! Yuck! The wood popsickle sticks make my insides shake haha. I cannot stand the texture.

The Rocky Road drumsticks look amazing. Drumsticks are definitely one of my faves!

Unknown said...

LOL funny! I love drumsticks from Schwan's, sooo good!

Candice said...

How quirky!!

BTW, those drumsticks look fantastic!! I'm salivating over here.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

We stick with freeze pops, mini drumsticks, and frozen yogurt tubes and cups as well. Dylan and my husband are the only ones that really like frozen treats. Every so often, Lexie will have an ice cream cone, but that's about it!

Stephanie said...

You know even after you told me you posted this for some reason I missed it.

Now everytime the kids have a popsicle or I eat one I think of you :) too funny!!! I tried the frozen gogurts the other day bc I have always hated them since they were so messy and it worked out WONDERFULLY!!!

Who is Cole? I don't remember hearing his name before.