Friday, June 4, 2010

Take 10

Trying to capture this same picture of Avin that we took of Alex at about 3 months was not as easy as it should have been. Next time we head to the lake I am packing the same tank top onesie so we can see just how much alike they really look. 

The above picture is Alex in July of 2007, she was 3 months old.  

Take 1 - 5
( pictured . .  I think I took about 40 pictures hoping for 1 good 1 )

Oh my goodness Avin was not happy on her feet.  Too me they look SO much alike.  I know to Chad they look a lot a like as well because he will think a picture is Avin when it is Alex or Alex when it is Avin.  

Then daddy came to the rescue and calmed her down!



Heidi said...

Love her heart! I love how they ball their fists up!! Precious :)

Candice said...

I think they look VERY alike. That's a good thing since they're both gorgeous.

Krystyn said...

What cuties. I try to do the same pictures...I never have any luck!

Anonymous said...

Aww! They DO look just alike! How neat! My sister's new little boy looks exactly like his big brother did, too!

Stephanie said...

Bless her heart!

i think they look a lot alike!!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Awww, that look on her face broke my heart!
I didn't notice in the pictures you posted before, but they really do look alike in these ones!