Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Came Out Of Her Mouth

( tutu from mama always said )

Sometimes little girls can say the funniest things
 here are some of the things Alex has said over the past few weeks that crack us up.

Grandma took Alex to the Grocery store and while they where there Alex told grandma "We need new bananas because the one at home is dirty."  Or that banana is just old and starting to rot!

Chad was laying in bed with Alex getting her to sleep and asked "Do you want to make waffles in the morning?" her response was "Do you think we have syrup." 

I was getting ready to make a dip for Chads birthday and it used cream cheese.  Early we had talked about how Chad wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for his birthday lunch/dinner.  She saw a picture of Cheesecake on the back of the cream cheese package and said "OOOOO this is for daddy's cake." 

This morning Alex woke up and looked out side, looked at me and said "How you liking the rain girl!"  I almost died laughing, this is one of my favorite lines from Twilight! 

Those are just some of the funny things she has said in the past few days.  I need to make a habit of writing down the things she says because she cracks me up all the time. 

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

So cute! This is the best age!

Jessica said...

I am in LOVE with that picture of Alex! I think blue is her color! I love the things kids say! RIley is starting to say some pretty funny stuff lately too. I am in tears from laughing so hard!

Candice said...

Amazing pic of Alex. What a stunner!

My fav is, "Do you think we have syrup??!"

Trish said...

Oh my goodness Erin I am DYING with giggles over here, little miss Alex is just too cute ad too funny! Thanks for sharing her sweet story, it made me smile! Plus - LOOOVVEEEE the image of her in the blue tutu!! xox

Stephanie said...

Adorable! I absolutely love to hear the things that come out of their mouths!!!!