Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Gown

This gown was absolutely perfect for Avins Baptism.  We had purchased one in the store awhile back, before we knew when we where going to have her baptized but that one would have been WAY too long on her and too big. 

I started looking on Etsy and came across this shop Blessed Memories Inc.  I fell in love with a few of her dresses and settled on The Jennie.  It was pretty and so sweet and I know Avin would look darling in it.  So I got in contact with her and sent her all the measurements she needed.  This was the main reason I wanted to order a custom dress ( so it would fit perfect and be the length I wanted it to be ).  

The detail is perfect and I adore the eyelets on the bottom of the dress.  Everything about it was perfect and Avin made it that much more perfect.  When I read through her customer feedback ( I always read through shops feedback before I order anything ) I noticed that this lady puts your child's name in side the dress.  I didn't get a picture but it is stitched in pink and it makes the dress hers. 

If you are in need of a baptism gown I highly recommend Blessed Memories Inc.  For a dress handmade to your child's exact measurements and for it to be just perfect for your child ( not for millions of children ) it was well worth the $30.00 that I spent.  Just because something is custom and made to order doesn't mean it has to have a high price tag.

Update - I had the link set to her profile page.  I am sorry about that and fixed it.

Side Note -  that bow is staying on her head with Surgical Lubricant!  I have also heard you can use KY Jelly or Vaseline or even Glue!


Momma Rhyne said...

That is so sweet! I'm going to go check out that store!

Sharstin said...

gorgeous little dress, girly, and pictures! and thanks for the site! i will have to check it out~

Mary said...

What a beautiful gown! Alright, how is that pretty little bow staying on that little head of hers? :)

Kelly said...

Love that dress!! It is gorgeous!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She looks so cute in her beautiful gown!

Stephanie said...

That is absolutely precious!!!!! Beautiful pics!