Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best Friends Already

We already know that these 3 girls are Best Friends.  

It is almost like they stalk each other.  Once one is outside playing the other 2 want to be right out there with her.  We live in a circle so when you look out the window you can see if either girl is playing outside.  

I don't know how many times a day I hear, "I am just going to go see if Mya / Keylee is outside"  it could be 9am on a week day and both girls are at daycare but she checks anyways, multiple times a day.

I would say I am the most laid back mom out of the 3 of us moms. ( the others might bag to differ or think we are way too laid back )  Chad and I let Alex do many things that she wants to do.  She runs around barefoot almost all the time.  She wanted to run through the sprinkler and I said go for it with clothes on.  She wanted to take her skirt off because it was soaked and I let her run around in her under pants.  ( sometimes the other ones then follow, sorry S and K )

She doesn't do everything she wants but it is not hurting anyone for her to be barefoot, for our carpets to get a little dirty, for her to run through a sprinkler in her clothes.  She is a child, she needs to explore and have fun and express herself.  Let me tell you, she sure does express herself!  But more than anything, she is a kid being a kid! 

Yes, we know these 3 girls are best friends.  Different personalities, different looks, different families but Best Friends.

This little one Makenna is Myas little sister.  She is 2 months old and she is going to be Avins partner in crime.

PS - isnt she soo cute.  I love her big cheeks and blue eyes!!

I am pretty sure they are going to bug, annoy, follow and want to be just like their big sisters!

With only 3 months between them in age and living in a circle its only a matter of time before they are running ( crawling ) around trying to be just like their sisters.

I am pretty sure we will have our hands full next summer.

But it will be a BLAST!


Catherine Anne said...

Friendship such a blessed gift

Shelby Bukhenik said...

That is so awesome that the girls have girls in the neighborhood to play with!!

I completely agree with letting go of the control and letting kids be kids, after all how long will it be appropriate to run around half naked in a sprinkler. Sometimes I wish I could haha!

Stephanie said...

OH yes next summer will be busy :)

Love the girls pics - how special! and I totally agree with your thinking on being a little slack! They're only kids once!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

The pictures are so cute! That's wonderful that they are surrounded by friends their age!

Anna said...

What a bunch of little sweeties! How lucky they are.

Jessica said...

Little girls everywhere! So much fun!

Maria said...

whats childhood without running barefoot and streaking in the yard? :)

Sharstin said...

ah so cute! i love that all the little girlies are all ready besties! nothing better~