Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Bang

What is the 4th of July without Fireworks?

The 4th is a Big Holiday for Chads Family.  
We head out to the lake and spend time with family, eat way to much ( grandmas fried chicken is the main meal ), get sun burnt, play volleyball and have a great time. 

The fireworks on the 4th are always a big deal.  We get the big ones from North Dakota ( you know, the ones that are illegal in Minnesota ).  We go all out and the guys put on a great show. 

This year Alex spent a lot of the time doing this!  She was in the Cabin a lot with Grandma, Great Grandma and Avin. 

She did venture out a little.  She didn't even really want anything to do with a sparkler.  In the end I was super glad that she was a little more pulled back this year and wanted to be inside.

These big, pretty, loud fireworks can be super dangerous.  We learned that this 4th of July.

Chads uncle Stan pictures above was hurt pretty bad this year.  He loves fireworks and if I had to guess this is one of his favorite Holidays.

Stan has been battling cancer and had a heartache about 6 - 8 months ago, which led to a triple by pass.  That is just a short 1 sentence background about Uncle Stan.  

Throughout the process of lighting off fireworks, one backfired.  It landed on the ground and blew up.  Everyone that was close by ran or turned their back on it or somehow got out of the way.

We don't know the entire story because it was dark and it all happened so fast and everyone else was running away from it, not watching to see what happens.

Stan didn't get away or wasn't able to move fast enough 
( we can't blame him for that though we are just so grateful he is here with us still, watching his children and grandchildren grow ).

Part of the firework ended up blowing up in his leg or hitting his leg.  It hit his femoral artery.  The atery in which I believe was just used for the triple by pass.  We thank god a few cousins new what to do and got a turnicate on his leg and where able to help stop the bleeding.  He was rushed to the hospital in Fergus and then sent to Fargo for surgery.  He is still in the hospital but recovering.  Hopefully he will be out today or tomorrow. 

That is just a short part of the story.  It was super scary, something you would see in a movie and it happened 1st hand.  Any thoughts and Prayers for Stan and his family would be great. 

This is why I was glad that Alex was not down there.  Chad was not down there at the time either.  In a matter of seconds things can change from fun to horrible.  If it would have been a child it would have been a lot worse.  We are sorry it had to happen at all but grateful that everyone will be ok.  

I will leave you with this image.  
We lit this and let it go for all the troops, men and women who fight and die for our country. 

Let Freedom Ring


Shelby Bukhenik said...

oh my word thats awful, glad to hear he is ok!

What a great thing to send off for our troops!

Katrina said...

Wow that is scary. I'll definitely be praying for him and hope he recovers quickly!

Anonymous said...

How scary, Erin! Praying for a speedy recovery! Keep us updated!

Stephanie said...

I already knew about Uncle Stan and yet still got chills as I read your post.

I'm so glad he's recovering well and hopefully headed home soon! Thank goodness Alex was inside and not around - I just can't imagine!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

How scary! Prayers for Stan as he recovers.
My husband and his family always travel to the neighboring state to buy the illegal fireworks. I am always worried about them getting hurt when they set them off!

Candice said...

Oh.Em.Gee!! How is he doing now? Update please. I will say a prayer for him. Sorry I'm so late. Been crazy busy!