Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Abby turned 3 on July 23rd.
  Her birthday party was a few weekends before that and I am really behind in posting this.  Alex and I headed out to her party and we had a blast.  

Alex loves going over there and playing in the giant playroom.  She was down there by herself for awhile but joined the party after awhile.  

This little sweetie Kendall goes to Kelly's daycare and I get to take her pictures in a few weeks.  Super excited about that, hope she shows me some big smiles and lots of personality.  

This little stud ( chase ) had to show off his baseball moves.

He is great at baseball and hopefully next year Alex and I can go watch him play a game. 

The cake that Kelly was not proud to show.  I thought it was cute and it tasted great and that's really all that matters!

Alex and the Birthday Girl!

Hope you had a great birthday Abby and got everything you wanted.
( we gave her lots of earrings.  I hope Alex will get her ears pierced soon )


Annie said...

awww...the pictures turned out great. looks like it was a fun party :)

MomBrose said...

Adorable pictures! Abby loves playing with Alex!

Paige said...

Abby is so adorable!

Sharstin said...

happy birthday to little Abby! she is so darling~ and what a fun princess cake!

Stephanie said...

Awww those turned out great!!!!!!! Awesome party!

Anonymous said...

What sweet friends! I hope she had a very special birthday!

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Abby! Love the photos!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great party pictures!