Monday, August 16, 2010


How Do You Sleep? 

On your back, side or stomach?
In the middle, left or right side of your bed?
With 1,2,3,4 or 5 pillows?
With your children or with out?

With your arms down at your side or under your pillow?
With a pillow over your head?
Do you snore?
Do you sleep your hands over your face?

Do You have a bedtime routine?
Do you read to your children?
Bath them every night?
Sing to them at night?

It is crazy to think of all the different ways people sleep?  Do you think about how you sleep or do you just fall asleep?
Me I am a ; side / stomach sleeper, 2 pillows under my head and one on each side, an arm under my pillows and an arm over a pillow ( usually falls asleep and is so annoying ), I toss and turn all night long, has to have at least a sheet on, can not be holding a child while sleeping kind of sleeper.  I am also a super light sleeper and I don't need 8 or 10 hours a sleep.  I do fine on 6 or 7!

My husband is a ;  Side sleeper, Snores when on his back, has to have a pillow over his head, kicks the covers off, can sleep through anything, can hold Alex or Avin while sleeping kind of sleeper

Alex is a toss and turn kind of sleeper.  She sleeps with her blanket but is slowly loosing interest in it ( more than anything I seem to remind her to get it ).  She loves to fall asleep with her mommy and daddy and loves to sleep close to people but kicks all the time.  She likes to stay up late and sleep in.  She is not a napper.

Avin is a light sleeper, moves around a lot just like her sister, has a hand right by her face and loves her nuk kind of sleeper.  She doesn't need to be swaddled anymore :).

How do you sleep?
can you tell what pictures are alex and what pictures are avin?


Annie said... all of the pictures.....and now I want to go to sleep :)

I need 8 hours a night or I dont feel right all day!!

Katrina said...

Awww. I love all these pictures!

I toss and turn a lot but I'm most comfortable on my stomach. I DID catch myself snoring a couple of times while I'm pregnant haha. That was embarrassing...

Sharstin said...

love all the picts--so precious~ nothing cuter than sleeping babes! i would love a good nights sleep--prego sleeping is not the best! i have been tossing and turning:)

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I cannot tell who's who in any of the photos! They look SO much alike! I absolutely have to have 8 hours but do best with 9! (Thank goodness my babies sleep 13 hours every night!)

Meant to be a mom said...

What a cute post. I love all the sleeping pictures.

I sleep on my stomach with one leg bent out the side. One arm above my head under my pillow. Sort of like captain morgan :)
Cooper likes to flip sideways when he's sleeping in bed, his or ours.

Jessica said...

I have to sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees & 2 under my head. TAG sleeps on his back & snores so loud. I always end up nudging him to roll over. Riley will sleep any kind of way but always tosses & turns. Sometimes he ends up with his head at the foot of the bed. And we always lay Averly on her back to sleep but lately she's been rolling to her side. I think it's so funny how everyone sleeps different.

Anonymous said...

I usually sleep on my side. My hubby and I don't allow the kids to sleep with us only cuddle in the mornings (on weekends) This post makes me want a nap!

Leah said...

These pics are so cute! I love sleeping babies!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Ahhh sleep! I wish I knew how I slept...haha! We've had a rough night the last few nights. :)

Verna said...

I chuckle as I read, but love it.
I sleep with (My eyes closed). hee,hee. Actually I am a back or side sleeper with one pillow and a aphagan folded under it to raise my head a bit. (Gerd takes its toll on me unless I elevate my head a bit). (If on my side my arm will be under my head).

I am told I do snore if I sleep on my back and am not elevated, but who can prove that unless they actually video me sleeping.

Have a great day.

Cason and Marie said...

such a cute post! And I love your blog. Your girls are gorgeous. Where do you get all their headbands? I am a headband person. :)

My daughter's name is pronounced Mill-ee.

And I love to sleep on my back. It was really hard when I was pregnant because I would always roll to my back. But now I can sleep on my back and not worry.