Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The past 3 weeks and this week to come Alex has / had swimming lessons.  

We switched to a new location and love it.

It is a 0 level entry pool and I don't have to go in with her.  She has about 12 kids in her class and two teachers.  She has grown so much and is actually learning.

When she started swim lessons she would not put her head under water. She also wouldn't jump into the water and allow her head to go all the way under.  As you can see above she has past that stage and now allows her head to go all the way under.  

She is also comfortable with blowing bubbles and putting her head down in the water.

She is truly enjoying swimming lessons.

She is learning the front float and how to use her feet to help move her body.  She is doing so well the teach doesn't need to help her. I am pretty sure Alex told her not to help her and that she can do it on her own.

She is learning the back float.  This took her a little while longer as she didn't like the feeling of her ears in the water. She is doing so well now and really improving.

Daddy and Avin come to watch.

They get to play different games.  Some of the games are red light green light, hokey pokey, and diving after things.

She has made is so proud and I am so glad that she is in swimming lessons.

At the end they get to slide down the slide.  Alex also loves to play in the tunnel and just hang around.  The water is shallow that we don't have to worry so much. You might notice Alex friend Mya is in class with her as well ( she is in the zig zag suit ).

To see Alex excited about something.  To listen to her talk about swimming lessons and what she likes or has learned is worth it all.  

We will hopefully be signing her up for another Lesson.  Registration starts in September.  To us swimming lessons are so important and are a must.  Every child needs to learn how to swim and the right ways to swim.  I am just glad she is enjoying it.

Alex favorite things about swimming lessons are : jumping into the water, going under water ( she always wants her teachers to watch her ) and going down the slide.


Krystyn said...

What an awesome indoor pool and place for lessons. No wonder you all love it so much!

Jessica said...

Way to go Alex! She is just so pretty too! I used to teach swimming lessons at my husband's gym & I also feel it's very important for kids to learn how to swim. I always made my kids do the last day fully clothed-shoes & all. So they could see how much harder it is with all that extra weight (in case they fell in the pool, lake, etc). Parents always really liked that bc a lot of people go to the lake around here. She sounds like she's a little fishy now!

To answer your questions...sorry it took me so long to reply.
About Averly teething-she didn't really do anything weird w her mouth. Just drooled a LOT. Now that she has 2 bottom teeth she sucks on her lip. It's so funny.
About the baby food-yes, I made probably 90% of Riley's baby food & plan on doing the same for Averly. Avocado is super easy bc you just mush it up. No cooking involved. So far that really seems to be the only thing she likes.

Paige said...

It looks like Alex is doing a wonderful job! CB will NOT put her head under water and will scream if we mention it. She loves to lay in the bathroom with her ears under water though. I'm not sure how to help her over come this. I guess I am going to sign her up for another round of swimming lessons!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great pictures! It looks like she's having a blast!!!

Candice said...

This is such a great thing that you guys are doing for her!

Stephanie said...

So cool and what an awesome location!!!!!!

You got some great pics - you can tell she is having a blast!p