Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1/2 A Year

The time has come and you are now 1/2 a year old.  The last 6 months have flown by and you couldn't be a better baby.  You are changing right in front of our eyes and it is so fun to watch.  You are the perfect baby, we could not have asked for something more sweet. You secretly make me want another baby, but don't tell your daddy that. Oh wait, it is not a secret most people already know that I am not ready to be done having babies, just one more :).

You are so smiley. 
I love it when Daddy and I can just look at you and you smile so big.  I love it when you just stare at your sister and smile.  I don't remember Alex being so smiley so this is fun for us.  Your smile can brighten up any bad day, minute or second.  Your smile is worth millions.

You are a touchy baby.
You always want to be feeling something.  If you are laying next to daddy you are always touching and feeling his face.  When you are being fed you are always playing with and hitting your bottle.  Your touch is how you are exploring the world and I love that.

Eating and Drinking
You are still taking a bottle about every 3 to 5 to 5 hours.  You take anywhere between 3 and 6 oz.  We started you on cereal around 4.5 months and we started introducing some baby food about 5 months.  You love Apples and Bananas.  You make the sweetest noises while you eat. We where doing cereal just 1 time a day but sometimes we are offering it to you 2 times a day.   I have found that feeding you cereal around 8pm helps you sleep longer and sounder.

You are not on a schedule at all.  You normally take 2 naps a day but sometimes 3.  You range from sleeping 45 minutes to 3 hours.  I want to try and get you on a better routine, morning and afternoon nap.  You do that normally but we need that always.  You are going to bed around 9 and sometimes waking up to feed around 3:30 or 4am and then sleeping tell 8 or 9am.  If you do not wake up to feed then you are up around 6am ( and I hate that ).

You babble all the time.  You can be super loud and squeakily.  I love hearing you talk.  I love when you are just cooing away.  Your voice seems so low and soft at the same time.  I can't wait to hear what you will actually sound like when you start talking.

You are rolling over all the time.  You almost always roll over right away when you are laying on your back, now that you have figured that out.  You for some reason hate rolling from your stomach to your back.  You enjoy both your stomach and your back. Your head and neck muscles are so strong now.  You can hold your head up for a long time and just look around. 

You love your toes.  You found them this past month and you love to hold on to them.  If you are not holding on to your little feet you are kicking like crazy.  We always know when you are taking a bath or laying on a hard surface.  You can hear your little heels hit the floor.  You would think it hurts but you kick away. 

You are super strong on your feet and have been for a few months now.  I would not be surprised if you could hold onto something and hold yourself up before you started to crawl.  You are starting to get little gymnast legs just like your sister.

You are reaching for things and you are starting to try and move.  You can move in circles.  You love laying on your play mat and touching and talking to your toys.  You are starting to put your butt up in the air and we can tell you want to go go go.  I am sure it wont be long and you will be moving. 

You are adored by the kids I nanny ( my cousins ).  They absolutely love you and love to smoother you.  You get so much attention there and you do wonderful.  You will lay on the floor and just watch the kids play. They love the days when you are with me at work and I know they are enjoying watching you grow.

Alex adores you.  She loves to touch you and talk to you.  She has become such a great big sister and I know you love her to.  You always give her smiles and love to just watch her play. She helps me when I change your diaper and she always tells me when you are crying.  I love watching the bond between you two grow.  I can not wait until I can actually watch you really interact.

6 Month Stats
Height - 25 1/4 inches - 25 - 50 %
Weight - 12 lbs 14 oz - 3 %
Head - 42 1/2 cm - 50 %
Shots - DTaP/IPV/HBV, Hib, PCV, Influenza

Doctor said she looks great.  Was happy with all her growth and said she was right on track with her age.   She is following and doing everything a 6 month old should be doing, which is great news!

Happy 6 Month Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!
We Love You.  We Adore You. We Think The World Of You.

All headbands worn by Avin and Alex are from Petite Fleurs By Shelly. 


Little Lexi said...

I LOVE the matching headbands that they are wearing in the last photos. Can you tell me where you got them?


Mary said...

She is so cute! Happy 6 months Miss Avin! :)

Stephanie said...

Awww she's so sweet and cute and soft and lovable!!!!

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

So sweet! I LOVE that last picture. Her little smile is precious!

Jessica said...

PRE.CIOUS. I love their headbands too! Happy 6 months sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Six Months!! She is such a pretty girl!

Jesse said...

AW! Happy 6 months Miss A!

Sharstin said...

your girls are adorable! as are these picts~ i too love the headbands!

Annie said...

What a peanut!!! She is so precious. I am dying over the headbands....going to have to order a few now that we know we are having a GIRL!!!

Candice said...

Happy 6 mos Avin. Great pics. I especially love the pics of Avin and Alex. Love <3

Meant to be a mom said...

Happy 6 months. I can't believe its already been this long.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 6 months to your cute little girl!!!

Katrina said...

Your girls are SO beautiful!! I'm so in love with their headbands.

Happy 6 Months Avin!