Saturday, September 25, 2010

101 Market

WARNING : This post is long and filled with way to many pictures!

The last few years we have brought Alex to the 101 Market.  We always go with Grandma Darlene and last year Alex loved it.  This year we invited Mya and ShaNae to come along with us and of course we brought Avin to.  Here are a million pictures to show you just how much fun we had.  

Alex ready to ride the Animal Train!
Avin even got to go along for the ride with year with Grandma Darlene.

Mya enjoyed the Animal Train as well.

The train ride lasts maybe 6 minutes and they go all over the place and up and down hills and through the corn field.

They all came back with big smiles on their faces.

There was a little petting zoo with unique Animals. The girls got to feed them ( some of them, others where a little scary or we where told not to ) and they loved that.  There was a Kangaroo but for some reason it is not allowing me to upload the image, it had to be the softest thing ever!  They fed the Kangaroo the most and watched it the most.

Pictured above is the enormous corn pit that they have to play in. The girls had a blast and loved jumping, rolling and throwing the corn.

Little Miss Avin had fun just watching the girls play and of course trying to eat the straw that she was sitting on.

We then headed to the Duck Races and the girls loved that.  We spent about 10 minutes watching them race ducks back and forth and back and forth.  You can see in the top left picture all of Alex ducks in a row.  

Then Alex road on this little cart.  Mya got a little frustrated and stopped.  They are still a little bit small for them but Alex made due and did her 3 laps. 

While Alex was busy riding the little cart I got a picture of Mya and her mommy ( my bff neighbor, I would go insane without her and our gossip time )!

When she got done she posed with Grandma for a few pictures.  You can tell she wanted to get on to the next activity. Which was the potato slinger and corn shooter.

Each girl had a chance to launch 3 potatoes and they loved it.  I could not believe how far some of them went.  Mya and ShaNea headed to get something to drink and a snack and Alex wanted to do the Corn Launcher.

 It was very loud

She did so well shooting and aiming the gun.  We headed to have a small snack and a drink before we where going to head into the corn maze.  

I didn't take many pictures in the Maze so here are two that I did take.

When we where about to leave, I was going to start packing up the car ( we bought some pumpkins and a few tiny hay bales I saw this.

Then she started to do this.

Someone had to pee bad and waited tell the last minute.  Grandma ran with her to the restroom and they then found corn in her undies.  She thought that was pretty funny!

above are two of my favorite pictures from the day.  They are very washed out.  I was not paying attention to my settings :(.

We had a blast and we might even go back again this year.  It will for sure be a yearly thing that we do with Grandma Darlene and hopefully friends.


Little Lexi said...

That looks like tons of fun. I looked on the site. Is the price for just kids or is it per person?

Meant to be a mom said...

What a fun place to go. I love how many activities they had for Alex and her friends. :) And of course all of your pictures of the kids are beautiful. Avin is truly getting so big. I just love her in her stripy leggings. What a doll.

Glad to hear they had a great time. I would go back If I were you. I wish we had something like that where we live. I think I would even enjoy it.

Jessica said...

What a fun time! I love their pink outfits & Alex's Uggs...SO cute! Your girls always look so pretty!

Paige said...

This looks like TONS of fun! I wish that we had a neat little place around here that had all of this! I am so jealous. Don't you just love fall?

By the way sweetness, I am only posting two outfits tonight on the blog sale. One is a Ralph Lauren 4t but RL runs a size smaller. It's short on CB and the other is an Olivia Etsy outfit.

Sharstin said...

too much fun! your girlies look so stinkin cute~! love all the picts. Ok--so sorry about the paint--i don't know how to get the profile for the paint--but i know they Kwalls online. Let me know if i can help in any way:)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like a fun day at a fun place!!