Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 Years Ago Today

Chad Michael Schuler and Erin Alexandra Ciardelli 
 invited family and friends to celebrate in their marriage.
 It rained in the morning and the sun shone through just before the ceremony began.  
We had immediate family at the ceremony and tons of friends and family at the reception.   
The day was absolutely perfect and I am so happy that 3 years ago today I said I Do to my husband, the father of my children and my best friend.
 ( this post will tell you a little bit more about Chad and I as a couple )

Chad and I met while working at Best Buy.  We both played on RPG ( role playing game ) back then known as Star Wars Galexy.  We started talking in the game first and that is how our relationship started.

When we first started hanging out I would go over to his place and we would stay up until the wee hours watching different TV series.  Some of our favorites to date are Alias, 24, House and Chuck.

Chad is clam, laid back, easy going, stubborn, not a fighter, has a great sense of humor, is an amazing kisser, a hands on father, into computers or any type of technology and loves his yard.

I am straight forward, outspoken, loud, easy to get along with, stubborn, usually want my way, in love with photography, dressing my girls is one of my favorite things and obsessed with reality tv.

 We both prefer to be bare foot.  We both are messy.  We both adore our girls. We both are kind of picky eaters. We both love action movies.  We both enjoy hockey.  We both enjoy comedies. We both enjoy spending time at the cabin. We both are into technology.  We both enjoy spending time outside. We both are super close with our families. 

Chad does most of the cooking.  I do most of the laundry.  Chad does most of the yard work.  I do most of the cleaning around the house.   Chad gives the girls baths the most.  I feed Avin the most.  Chad reads to the girls the most.  I take the girls outside to play with friends the most. Chad is a meat and potato man. I am to but I also love fruit.  Chad is fine with one side dish.  I prefer at least two.

We both are in it for the long run.  We compliment each other.  We are there for each other.
We love our family and we love being husband and wife.  We love our girls and we both enjoy watching them grow.  We are blessed with the family that we have been given. 

I love my husband and I can not wait to see where the next one, two, three and more years brings us.  He is my rock and he keeps me calm and under control.  I am still me and he loves me for me which makes me love him even more.

Happy 3 year anniversary baby.  I can't wait to spend many more with you.

"I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and always will."


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your day is very special!!

Lucy Marie said...

Congrats! Happy Anniversary.

Sharstin said...

Happy Anniversary! what a sweet post! you guys are such a cute couple~

Candice said...

YOu were a lovely surprise!!

Congrats and happy anniversary!!

Annie said...

What a sweet post!! You guys are made for each other :)

Happy anniversary :)

Verna said...

Happy Annivesary to both of you!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

Stephanie said...

So sweet - I love the wedding pics!

Happy Anniversary!

Paige said...

I hope that you had a wonderful 3rd Anniversary!

Did you tell your hubby that I was moving in? hahaha =)