Monday, September 27, 2010

Head Over Heels

If you know me you know I am head over heels in love with the Baby Gap.

If I could afford it my girls would only wear Baby Gap and would have close to everything from there.  There are some things I dont love but there is much more that I absolutely adore.  I search high and low on ebay and in second hand children stores for Baby Gap items that I wasn't able to afford new.  I find a lot and most of it is in great condition for 60, 70 or 80 percent less then the original price.

So I got online today ( in which I do every day ) and I thought I was going to cry.  Baby Gap Launched 3 new lines today and I am head over heels in love with 1 of them called Bleecker.  I want just about everything in that new line and I can not wait for some of it to go on sale.

These two dresses above ^, they are from the Bleeker Line.  The one on the left would be for Alex and the one on the right for Avin.  I am in love with both dresses and I could see my girls wearing them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I did just say two holidays, that is unreal of me.  But I figure with different leggings or tights and cute little sweaters you could spice up both these black dresses.  All would be great for them to wear them to Chads Aunts house for Thanksgiving and to My Aunts house for Christmas, that is as long as they don't spill anything on them.  
I can just imagine them in black with black or silver looking tights and black boots out in the snow for pictures.  Oh how cute would they be!! Sad that I am already picturing this I know. 

Then other outfits like the ones ^ for Avin.  The red one would also work for Christmas and the dog print is just so stinken cute.  That Jacket is to die for and would go over her black dress amazingly. There are so many other cute things in these 3 clothing lines but those ^ are just a few of my favorites.

I adore that big puffy jacket and would love to find snow paints that would match it for Alex.  That vest is just so cute and I bet it is super soft.

Jeggings for both girls.  Yes until a few months ago I had never heard of the word jeggings before.  Now they are everywhere and they are super cute.  Who wouldn't want to wear leggings that looked exactly like jeans but where soft like leggings.  

A few shirts and a sweater ^ that I just think are super cute.  Love Alex in purple and she just started dance this year so I think it would fit her perfectly.  That black shirt is just super cute and that sweater would look cute over skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings. 

and a pair of shoes and a pair of boots that I just think are super cute.

So yes if you can't tell my love for Baby Gap isn't going anywhere.  I will tell you though, I checked out what they had for the girls section ( so size 4 and up ) and I was not impressed or in love with anything like I am in the toddler and baby lines.  I did figure out that Alex can now also fit in the Girl section in Target and wear there XS.  This is great because I love finding things in the super clearance section at Target, well and at Gap for that matter. 

Where do you shop for your kids?  Do you always head to the clearance area when you are out and about shopping or do you buy most of the stuff at full price?  Do you stock up on things or buy in advance?  Did you already buy a few things for next summer because it as on sale now?  What are your tips and tricks to shopping?  Do you take your children with you and have them try things on?


Momma Rhyne said...

Oh I love Gap, sooo cute! I also just buy end of season clearance for them for the next coming year, and pray they don't hit a growth spurt, LOL. Then if they are still short some pieces, to the consignment shop I go. :-D

Jessica said...

I love those little black dresses! And those jeggings are to die for!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I do like baby gap! Their stuff is always so cute! You're right, though-not so true for GapKids. To be honest, it's easier finding cute clothes for an older boy, but much harder for a girl when they get into the bigger sizes.
I hardly ever buy clothes in advance or shop the clearance sections. My kids growth spurts are unpredictable. Case in point? Bought a ton of size 6 jeans for Dylan in August, and he already needs 7's!
I set aside a big chunk of money in late winter, and another chunk in late summer. I scope out websites and stores to find out what I like and then wait until the items go on sale, or wait until I have a great coupon. I hardly ever pay full price for their clothes.
I shop at Kohls, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Gymboree, The Childrens Place, BabyGap/GapKids, Costco, and Burlington Coat Factory. I buy a few things at Target, too.
I don't take the kids along much-they are too opinionated!!
Wow-longest comment ever. ;)

Candice said...

So cute!! I shop at mom 2 mom sales and tend to like The Children's Place. Very cute boy clothes!

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! I haven't been in a Baby Gap in forever! I like to buy new/slightly used twins outfits on eBay so that we're not wearing the same stuff that all of the other toddlers are wearing! Plus, I find some great deals!

Paige said...

You already know my shopping habits are horrible! I could go broke spending endless amounts of money on Charli if I had it.
Ebay and Etsy are to of my biggies! I absolutely adore shopping on there and finding a great deal.
Local Boutique (sales only), Old Navy, 77 kids, Target..Pretty much anywhere that I can get a good deal on CUTE clothes!