Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

Every year we look forward to going to the Minnesota State Fair with my mom and step dad.

We have gone together for the past 3 years and Alex loves it.  This was of course Avins 1st year and she was a great sport.

It was a cold day in Minnesota ( well cold for this time of the year ) and Avin was wearing a thick jumper outfit and a winter hat.  She was also bundled in blankets.  It was so cold that day that Avin and I got on the news.  A camera guy caught a glimpse of Avin almost like the picture above but with her Nuk in.  They showed her all bundled up in the Baby Bjorn with her winter hat on.  I wish I could have seen it on TV but one of my best friends did I couldn't believe not even 20 minutes later after seeing the camera guy we where on TV. 

Alex had an absolute blast going on ride after ride.

Everyone got to go on a ride with her.

and she went on a few alone.

She even made a friend on a ride and road with her on a few rides.

We spent a good hour or more in the kiddy ride area and Alex loved every minute of it.  She went on more rides then I thought she would and rides that went a lot faster then I thought she would like.  Next year she will be going on all sorts of big rides.

Avin got to watch it all and listen to all the music that was coming from every ride.  She was such a good little girl the entire day.  Taking naps in the stroller or the Baby Bjorn and eating or taking a bottle when we got around to it.  

Of course she was such a good little girl when she had Grandma and Grandpa around to hold her and do fun things with her.

One of Grandpa's favorite things to do at the State Fair with Alex is the Giant Slide.

Last year Alex was not a fan of the slide but this year she loved it.  They went down twice and I am pretty sure she would have went another 10 times if we would have let her.

Alex favorite thing from the fair was jumping on the Trampoline.  I really wish I would have got it on Video because she was so cute and just loved it.

I didn't take any pictures of the food but we had : 
Pork Chop on a stick, French Fries, Brats, Pronto Puffs, Mini Donuts, Corn on the Cob, Ice Cream and Cookies.  I might have missed some things but I didn't have anything Deep Fried!! 

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a wonderful day at the fair.  We are glad it was a cool day instead of hot.  We had a blast and we can not wait until next year!


Shay said...

Is it cold there already!? We live in SC and it is still in the 90's!!!! That looks llike a blast!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! LOVE her hair and LOVE that last pic!

Candice said...

Love your Fiar pics. We took Graham a few weeks ago and had a ball. One of these days I will blog about it...

Bellasma said...

Love the hair...She's a doll too! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love the pictures! It looks really chilly there! We're still in the 70's everyday! I'm glad you had a fun day!