Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take Control

Some parents just need to take control.  Some parents just need to be the parent.  Some parents just need to give in and say enough is enough.  Some parents need to just take their child and leave.

This Parent needed to do all of the above.

It all started 3 weeks ago when Alex started Dance Class.  She was so excited to start and she would be in the same class as her best friend Mya as well as 17 other little girls.  

The first night we get there and the smallest girl out of them all did not want to go in dance at all.  She cried she screamed and threw all those little fits young kids do.  Her mom had the director take her in and try it out with her and it worked just fine.  The next time they came the little girl went in all by herself and has been great every other dance class.

This other little girl is a different story.

Last week she went into class then came out, went back in came back out.  Cried and screamed outside of dance class, cried and screamed inside of dance class.  She was ok watching outside the class for awhile but then wanted to join again so she would go back in.  The mom had no control over her what so ever and just let her run the show.  The director tried to take her into class and that did not work either.  By this time I am getting frustrated and this little girl has disrupted class 7 or 8 different times.

This week, last night actually, I was excited when I saw that the mom and DAD came to dance.  I figured that dad might have a little more control over his daughter.  BOY WAS I WRONG.  She just runs the show and does what she wants.  In and out, out to the truck back into class, in and out screaming, out to the truck back into class, in and out screaming and it goes on and on 7 or 8 times.


I was upset, disappointed that the dance studio let this go on and frustrated all at the same time. 

While all her little fits and ins and outs where going on I watched as all the other little girls watched her instead of the teacher and that just pushed me over the edge.

I went up to the director and I complained. 

I told her that I didn't want to be that mom but that I was mad, upset, frustrated and disappointed.  I am upset because I am paying for this dance class and I look in there and my child and 10 other girls are watching this little girl go in and out, lay on the floor laughing or screaming and not seeing anyone do anything about it.  I was frustrated because, exactly that the teacher tried maybe 2 times and then gave up, I don't blame her but the little girl should have been kicked out. I am frustrated because how do I explain to my 3 year old that you can not act like that and that I would not tolerate it and that she needs to listen and be respectful and on her best behavior.  Thank goodness Alex has been wonderful with dance and I have not had to worry about this. I was  disappointed because I didn't feel like the dance studio did what they should have done.

Don't get me wrong.  I know they are paying for the dance class.  I know the parents want her in dance and they are hoping she will adjust to it.  I know that the little girl might love dance and want to be there but she knows how to control her parents and she loves the reactions they give her.

But 7 or 8 times in and out is WAY TO MANY.

You set a limit, you tell your child that limit and you go with that limit.  

17 other little girls are paying for dance too.  17 other little girls are in that dance class trying to learn.  17 other little girls are doing what they are asked of them and acting there age.

Again I am by no means the perfect parent.  There are times where Alex steps all over me.  

But one thing is for sure . . 


The director said she would not do this next week.  She would have one chance to go in and once she came out she would be done.

What would you have done in my situation?  Would you have just let it slide?  Would you have talked to the director like I did?

On another note: not only does this little girl act like that but she is always all over Avin and Makenna ( mays little sister ).  She actually wanted to see Makenna so bad and her mom went to pull her away that she grabbed on to her car seat and knocked her over.

Thanks for listening to me complain.  Some people on twitter already heard it!


Trish said...

I would have done the same thing you did. You are a paying Mom along with the other 17 mom's. You need to get the full time you pay for, and no one should expect less. Give they girl 1 or 2 trys and if she is still acting lick a "pill" then tell them maybe it would be best to let her sit out and try again next year.

I think you did the right thing, but that just my opinion form the Amen corner!

Stephanie said...

I think you absolutely did the right thing!!!!!

And while you're at it tell that little girl to keep her hands off your baby :)


Paige said...

I agree that you did the right thing. Not only is it very annoying to have to sit there and put up with a disrupting child, it's disrespectful of that family. Hopefully the dance instructor will do as she says and let her have her one chance next class then she'll be GONE!