Monday, September 13, 2010

To The Park We Went

It has gotten a lot cooler here in Minnesota.  This is my favorite kind of weather and I am more then willing to get out and take a walk or a bike ride.  We decided to do just that last week and the kids had a blast.  I know Avin doesn't look happy here but as soon as I got on the bike and got moving she was a happy camper!

She I told you she was a happy camper playing with her toys and watching the kids run around like crazy people.

Alex had an absolute blast.  The park is small but we don't go there that often and there are usually no other kids around so they are free to do whatever they want and be as loud as they want.

Parker has fun and chases Alex all over the place.  This time she actually enjoyed it and they chased one another instead of complaining to me!

A few more crazy pictures of Alex.

I then spend a good 20 minutes holding Avin in one hand and pushing the kids on the tire swing with the other.  I did manage to put her down for a few times so they could go really high and spin really fast.  Didn't take Avin long to fill her mouth with wood chips though.  I can't imagine they taste any good.

They enjoyed the slide and playing for a little while longer and then we headed back home.

We had a blast at the park for about an hour that day.  The kids where ready for lunch and nap time when we got home.

On another note :  Avin can go from sitting to on all fours.  She can hold her belly in the air and rock back and forth. She started this a few days ago, the week of Sept 6th, 2010.


Shay said...

The park is pretty much our favorite thing to do! They love it, it wears em out and they will eat & nap! My girls love the swing the best!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Great pictures. I love going to the park and then they are all worn out for nap time. Which is good for them and you!

Sharstin said...

such cute picts! nothing better than the park. Love the new look of your blog and header--so darling~!

Donna said...

Just found your blog...beautiful header 'em!!!!

Candice said...

Oh my goodness, Alex is so athletic. Look how high she gets that leg!!

Stephanie said...

What a cool tire swing - those were one of my favorites when I was little. Great pics as ALWAYS!