Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend

A recap with NO pictures

Horrible night on Thursday . . 
Avin was up most the night screaming on Thursday.  I do not normally take my children into the Doctor unless I know something is seriously wrong ( I think I have taken Alex to urgent care maybe 3 times in her life ).  Avin was super crabby and tugging at her ear so I decided to take her in.  She has little fluid in her left ear and a little irritation in her right.  The doctor and I decided that we would let her fight it on her own unless she got a temp above 102 degrees.  She seems to be doing on.

I hurt my knee . .  
I don't know what I did but I was up all night last night in pain and today has been hard.  Going up the stairs and unbending it is horrid.  Walking doesn't bug it at all but when I bend it and try to unbend it, it is horrible pain.

Alex hit her cheek on a rock . .
she was playing with her friends and started to wrestle for a ball and hit her face smack on a large rock.  She has a big round purple and red mark with a few little scabs on her right side. 

Avin fell out of her stroller . .
Chad was watching the girls today and had Avin in her stroller not buckled in.  Well he learned his lesson because she fell out and has a red nose, bruised lip and a red spot on her head.  I felt horrible when I came home.

Alex wore the same clothes two days in a row . .
I always pick out clothing for the girls before I go somewhere because I know Chad will leave them in the PJs all day long.  I came home and she had her stained shirt ( she loves to use her sleeve as a napkin ) on and the same pants on as Friday.  Not a huge deal and some what my fault because I didn't tell him where I put the clothes for the day ( I did get Avin dressed myself ).

Avin is so close to crawling . .
She can scoot backwards really fast, spin herself all around, almost pull herself up on things and started to pull herself forward this weekend.  We are just waiting for her to be mobile and get herself around.

The hubby helped me . . 
We got my office moved down stairs this weekend.  If you don't know we moved the playroom from the loft down into the basement.  I put away all my photography backdrops.  I moved all the DVDs upstairs into the loft.  It is almost complete a few more things need to come upstairs and a few more things need to go downstairs.  We also need to clean up the old office, Chads computer is staying up there as well as a chair or two. 

Paint colors . .
I got 3 samples of gray for our bedroom.  I will try them on the wall tomorrow night and I hope I like one.  I wouldn't mind redoing our bedroom and bathroom in a gray.  I also got some burnt orange and mustard yellow color which I plan on picking one for the old office.

Outside . . 
We spent a lot of time outside on both Saturday and Sunday.  The weather was amazing and we are all enjoying every last minute of fall weather before the winter storms hit.  

House . .
I need to start my to do list for winter.  There are so many things I want to try and get done this winter while the weather is crappy.  Things like my photo wall, paint office, repaint bedroom, fine new bedding for master bedroom, paint master bath, paint laundry room, print large pictures and frame them, and the list goes on and on and on.  

I think that pretty much sums up are weekend.  
All the shows are starting up again and I am super excited.  I am loving Glee, Hellcats, Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Bang Theory, Chase, Biggest Looser, Hells Kitchen, Bones and more.  What shows are you watching?!


Paige said...

Hopefully Avin starts feeling better asap and that your knee pain goes away quickly. I hate that both of the girls fell down, I know how horrible that it can make you feel! I hope you post pictures whenever you paint your bedroom. I need to re-do mine, so bad.

Jessica said...

Sorry about your knee & about the girls' falls. Ouch! My husband is the same way about dressing the kids. They would stay in their pajamas all day every day if he had the choice...or just a diaper. But, I can't say that I've never done that myself. I do enjoy the occasional pajama day! :) Averly is very close to crawling too! We keep thinking she's going to take off any minute! Oh, and I LOVE the Big Bang Theory!! Sheldon cracks me up!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like a busy weekend! I'm glad you got some stuff accomplished.
I hope Avin feels better ASAP. I hope your knee pain goes away, too!
I hope you're enjoying all of your shows! We are watching House, Glee, and Grey's Anatomy. We just got Netflix and the hubby is obsessed with watching all the free shows/movies through our Wii.