Friday, September 17, 2010

You Ask . . I Answer

A lot of you have been asking where I got Avins headbands from!

I get them from an amazing lady named Shelly!  
She is the mastermind behind Petite Fleurs and she is the one that has allowed both Avin and Alex to model her headbands.  Go check out her shop and you will see lots of these pictures of Alex and Avin.

Every Single Headband that I have gotten from Shelly I have loved.

Not only do I love them but Avin doesn't mind wearing them.

Her big sister doesn't mind that much either.

The one thing that makes me like them even more is that they are not to big.  They are not over powering.  Most are sweet, simple and soo cute.

Everyone always compliments on her headbands when we are out in public.  We could be at Target, swim lessons, dance class or just at the park and it never fails she is always getting compliments.

Compliments from women, children and even grown men.  

She is a blad baby ( some hair is starting to come in ) and with the help of these girly headbands everyone knows she is a girl and everyone adores a little baby in a cute headband. 

So if you like any that Avin is wearing go check out her shop and get some for yourself or your little one.  They are all such a great price and you wont be disappointed I promise.

Let her know I sent you.  Just so she knows where you are coming from ;)

Any other questions for me, don't hesitate ASK AWAY!!! 

PS.  I know I brag about my daughter on here and how beautiful I think she is and other people.  She is my daughter and its my blog so I can do that!


Anonymous said...

She is such a doll!

Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Darling beautiful pics...and lovely bows!!

Sharstin said...

love all the headbands and bows! and such cute picts of your little girlies!

Stephanie said...

hee hee - I love the small print :)

Candice said...

WOWZA!! The pics of her in the purple headband and tutu are STUNNING!!! I think purple is her color.