Tuesday, October 26, 2010


 We all are familiar with the company Archiver's.  Or I assume that everyone knows what Archiver's is.  If you don't it is a some what large Scrap booking store.  I am not a scrapbooker but for some reason I still find myself in there form time to time.  Planning birthday parties and trying to find the right paper.  Well it is all to overwhelming to me and there are so many choices that I often can never make up my mind and always second guess my decisions. 

Well do you notice anything in these two images below.
( they are taken off of Archiver's website )

Well if you didn't notice Alex is in both of the images and you can see Chad, me and Avin in the 4th of July one ( alex was cut out ) on the top image. 

A girl I went to High School with contacted me and asked if she could use some of my pictures.  Of course I was not going to say no and I was only hoping that they would end up being used.  At the time Angie was one of the Archiver's Designers and now she is actually the Manager at the Archiver's pretty close to my house.

She sent me an email on facebook a few weeks ago saying that they are using some of my images and that Alex would even make a debut in EVERY SINGLE STORE NATION WIDE ( I think he he ).  

No they didn't pay me for my images and no they are not paying me or asking me to do this but I am excited and this is something I for sure want to remember and my girls to know about.

So right when you walk into Archiver's you see this table posted to the left.  It is there Halloween Table as it is almost Halloween time.  The image to the right is just a close up and they used images of Alex from last year ( yes she was the cutest little lady bug ever, her dad still talks about how cute she was running from house to house ).  This close up is from the middle of the table, you can spot her red and black costume.  

This is by far what I was most excited about.  

You will also find us on the back of there check out area where they talk about the classes that have going on right now.  We are showcased on their Calendar Workshop and in a calendar that they have made.  Those pictures are below.

 It was super fun walking into Archiver's and seeing all this.  I am glad that they allowed me to take pictures and I sure do hope that they use more of the images I have taken of my girls!

Thanks Archiver's and Angie for Making My Month!


Jessica said...

How cool is that?! I don't know that we have Archiver's in my area, but I'll have to check that out!

Annie said...

wow! That is awesome...you guys are models :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That's really cool!

Sharstin said...

that is so great!! your guys are pretty much famous:) i love it!

A Mom's Love said...

I bet it was so thrilling to see your family there! Very cool!