Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

There are so many lessons that Chad and I learned as first time parents.  When it comes down to it, we did anything and everything we could to make Alex happy.  If it made her happy we did it, if she didn't like it we wouldn't do it again.

Growing up I was always a babysitter, nanny or working at a day care center.  I always thought that I would be a strict mom, stick to my guns, not let my child walk all over me and not freak out about little things.


When Alex was born things changed right away and I knew I wasn't going to be the mom I always thought I was.  Alex was laying in the little crib thing that the hospitals use to move the babies from the room to the nursery.  She started to choke / spit up and I freaked out.  Then I noticed I was freaking out and had to stop myself.  I had seen so many kids spit up, choke or throw up in my life but seeing my own daughter do it was so different.  

That was just the start to my { our } world changing.

One big mistake Chad and I made was with a bouncy chair. 

How could something like this be a big mistake?

 The pictures above show our big mistake.  This bouncy chair was the only way Alex would fall asleep.  Didn't matter if it was nap or bed time we put her to sleep by bouncing her in this { these } chairs.  We actually used them so much I think we went through 2 or 3 chairs with just Alex.  It got so bad and Alex got to the age where she would bring us the bouncy when she was tired.  


We have lived through that mistake and we have learned.  We got rid of the bouncy chair and have never looked back.  

We also made the mistake of co-sleeping with Alex. 
I guess I would not call it a mistake because we enjoyed having her sleep with us.  We liked having her in our room and snuggling with her at night.  The issue is breaking that habit.  

We finally just broke the habit.  Alex is now going to sleep in her own room at nap time and bedtime.  She is even going to sleep by herself when we are at work.  

So yes we have made mistakes with Alex.  More mistakes then just the two that I had listed but we live and we learn.  Every mistake we have made with Alex has made us better parents for Avin and Alex.  Yes of course we still make mistakes with Avin and we will continue to do so, but that is life.


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Emily said...

Isn't it annoying that we have to make so many mistakes to become better parents? ;) Yep, we've made our share of mistakes. What matters is what we learn from them.