Thursday, October 7, 2010

Under The Weather

We have been under the weather.

I started getting sick last Thursday and it has been going on ever sense.  Started with a sore throat to a cough and runny nose / sinus crap.  Avin is the only other one in the family so far to get sick.  It is so sad to see her not feeling well.  She has had a slight fever and a horrible runny nose.  There was one night she was up every hour because she couldn't breath through her nose.  The last two nights she has slept through the night but with us.  She wakes up crying but goes right back to sleep once she gets her nuk back.  She has not been eating well at all.  I am trying to get as much fluid through her as possible but it is not always that easy.

Thankfully we where able to have Tuesday and Wednesday off of work.  My plan was for me to rest on Tuesday and have my mom take the girls but Monday night was the night that Avin was up all night.  I kept them both home and we just hung out on the couch most the day. 

My week is all messed up now because I only worked 2 days.  Feels like today should be Monday because we just had two days off.

I took this picture on Tuesday and her eyes just make me sad.  I didn't realize that she really looked sick until I took these pictures and her eyes just look all watery.  More of these pictures to come in her 8 months post!

Hope you are all staying Healthy.


Anna said...

Adorable outfit. Etsy? You're right, she doesn't have the same sparkle in her eyes she usually does.

Stephanie said...

It's been going around here too. I hate it when babies are sick though - I'd rather take it times 100 than them feel bad. They're so helpless!

Hope you and her both feel much better soon!!!!!

Heather said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Sorry you all have been so miserable!

Sharstin said...

oh i hope you all get feeling better asap!!

Katrina said...

You find the BEST outfits for your little girls! I love them so much.

I hope you're all feeling better. We're starting to all come down with something over here. I hope it doesn't last long.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you're both feeling better!