Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Out

 We have a crawler on our hands.  
She has been scooting and doing the semi army crawl for a few weeks now but on Saturday and Sunday she started to actually crawl.  She is so tiny and her movements are so small but she is pretty fast already.  She gets to where she wants to go and she is loving it. 

She even took some time to stop and pose for the camera.  She knows we are so proud of her and we have been waiting for her to start crawling.  Funny how you don't want the first one to do anything because that just means they are growing and getting older but with the 2nd you are almost ready for those things even though it still is sad that they are growing.

I think she is pretty proud of herself as well.

I can not believe that she is already crawling.
When do you think she will be walking? 


Katrina said...

Congratulations Avin!! She does look really proud of herself. :) Adorable!

Stephanie said...

That's adorable and I could finally watch a video!!!!!!

She's soooooooo cute!!!! Funny how as soon as she got to the car Alex went and grabbed it :)

I want a little one again sooo bad!!!

Hope you've been doing well - I've kept up with you on facebook of course but been so out of blogging lately.

Jessica said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Avin! She definitely looks proud of herself. Averly started crawling last week too! It's funny how close these 2 are with doing new things :)

Candice said...

Look out!! She's on the move. What a big girl!

Anonymous said...

Precious!! My girls walked 2 months after they crawled, but I'm guessing she'll get to it a little sooner with a big sister to model how it's done!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Oh, wow!!! Suddenly she looks so big!!!

KelEckert said...

I can't believe it!! She is getting so big... I give her 3months and she will be walking!! :)