Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who Are You?

That is exactly what I want to know.  
You all know so much about me and my children and a little about my husband.
Overall I might not know that much about you. 
Sure I follow some of you and I tweet back and forth with a handful of you and I am friends with a very few of you on facebook but some of you I have no idea who you are.

So I have a few questions for you.

Who are you?.
Where are you from?
Why do you read my blog?
What is one of your favorite blogs?
Do you have twitter or facebook?
Do you have a question for me?
Answer one or Answer them all.  
I just want to get to know a little bit more about the people who read my blog!

Oh and Thank You for reading my blog . .  I love readers and people who comment. . .

Don't be shy . .  if you read and have yet to comment now is the time to do so.

I am looking for some new blogs to read!!!

also . . I got this from my good friend Kelly!  
Check out her blog while you are at it.

Oh and me . .  
well I am Erin and I am the lady behind this blog ;)


Paige said...

Who are you? --I am practically your best friend that you have never met. ha! Paigeleana "Paige"

Where are you from? - Southern Kentucky, and yes I do talk country as cornbread!

Why do you read my blog? - Your girls are adorable and we have became good friends here lately =)

What is one of your favorite blogs? - Wow that is a hard one. One of my favorites (I have way to many) is: Our Happily Ever After ( Her kiddos are really adorable and she is very down to Earth.

Do you have twitter or facebook? - I have both.

Do you have a question for me? - What is another job occupation that you could see yourself doing?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I will respond. Your girls are precious!

I am Krissy, I am from just north of Atlanta, GA. I like reading blogs about people who have a child close in age to mine, my favorite blog is Kelly's Korner. I like people who are real, honest, and talk about life. I do have facebook, but not Twitter. That's questions :) Just wanted to let you know someone that is reading!

Anonymous said...

I am Ginger. I am southern, Christian, I love my family, and friends! I like your blog because your family is precious.

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I'm Erica and I'm from way down south, Louisiana! Your blog is one of the first I started reading and I loved reading about little Alex and now love reading about Avin too. One of my favorite blogs is Sugarplum Creations, she is so laid back and her babies are adorable. I have facebook & twitter.

Lucy Marie said...

Who are you? I'm Lucy/Lindsay

Where are you from? Ontario, Canada

Why do you read my blog? I "met" you on twitter and wanted to keep up with you.

Mary said...

I'm Mary orginally from MN and now in SD (we went to highschool and played volleyball together)

I read your blog because I love the updates on your girls and just keeping in touch with you

My favorite blog is probably Enjoying the Small Things ( Kelle is an amazing photographer
and writer. Very inspirational!

Yes I have Twitter and FB. We are friends on both

No questions for you! Just glad we can stay in touch after high school. :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great idea!

Who are you? Stefanie-30 years old, married for 10 years, sister to 7, aunt to 17, mom of 2 and TTC.
Where are you from? Pittsburgh (a few miles north of the city)
Why do you read my blog? You're a great blog friend, and I love catching up on the lives of your adorable girls!
What is one of your favorite blogs? The Taulman Times
Do you have twitter or facebook? I do. LexieLooDylan2 on twitter (just started). No blog page on FB yet, but if you want to add me, send me a message. :)
Do you have a question for me? Do you want any more kids?

Stephanie said...

Oh you know me :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Hi! Well I'm Sarah from Oklahoma. :) I read your blog because I love reading about your sweet girls & seeing their sweet faces! And yes- I'm on twitter @sarahjanell.

Rachel said...

Hmmm let's see...

I am Rachel, from Mississippi...fresh out of college, just started my first job, figuring out life on my own!

I started reading your blog after finding it on someone else's, fell in love with your precious girls, and loved the way you wrote. I just totally related to you!

Favorite blogs? Too many to even begin to name...but currently, I'll say my favorite is It's the current obsession.

I have a Twitter (RachDillard) AND Facebook. Rachel Dillard. Super connected, clearly :)

Hmmm...question for you. Why did you start blogging? What are YOUR favorite blogs? Favorite thing about fall? Favorite holiday tradition?

Happy Friday :)

Jolene said...

After chatting tonight, thought I'd see who you are and what you're all about. Came across this post and thought I'd share a bit of myself. BTW, love your pics of the girls, so precious!!!

Who are you? Jolene of, JoJo, Mama, Mommy, Mom, wife, NICU HUC.

Where are you from? Minnesota baby!

Why do you read my blog? Read for the first time today. Very nice.

What is one of your favorite blogs? Crockpot 365

Do you have twitter or facebook? Both.

Do you have a question for me?
How'd you meet your hubby?