Sunday, November 7, 2010

But Whose Counting . . .

47 Days . . 3 Hours . . 12 Minutes . .
until Christmas Day!

Can you believe it because I sure can't.  I have already started my shopping.  Pretty much know what we are getting everyone except for Alex because she just doesn't love one thing and I want to get her something cool that she will love ( so help me out ).  I am going to get some more shopping done tomorrow.  Feels so good to be crossing things off that To Buy List. 

One thing I have loved to do each year sense having Alex is Christmas Cards!  It is so much fun to pick out the perfect card and most years I have 2 that I send out because I just can't decide.  I always have to have the pictures in mind first before I can pick out the card.  

The one thing the card must have is 2 or more pictures.  Especially this year with having both Alex and Avin I for sure want to have an individual or each girl and then a picture of them together.  I have also thought about doing a folded type card so that I can add in a family picture or a few single pictures of the girls to some of our family.  

I have one outfit picked out and just need to take the pictures of the girls in them and then once I figure out what they are wearing for Christmas pictures I will do those as well.  Once those two different sets of pictures are taken I will be able to pick out Christmas Cards!!  Ugh now if I can find the time to take the first set of pictures and pick out dresses that aren't insane expensive life would be amazing. 

So the point of this blog is about Christmas Cards and how Shutter Fly has an amazing selection.  They have tons to choose from and in all sorts or sizes and styles.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many different cards I loved and would want to use for our own. 

Here are a few of my favorites from Shutter Fly's Selection. 

I adore these two because of the style.  I also love the colors.  I also love that there is a space for 3 pictures and I love that you can have your last initial showcased on them. 

These are close to the same but allow me to showcase more pictures.  If you know me you know that is a good thing as I take millions of pictures and have a horrible time deciding.!

I do adore this one but could never choose it because it only has space for one image.  I just love the message on top and think it fits our family perfect! 

So what do you do for Holidays?  Do you send out a card?  Do you send out a family letter?  Do you do anything else that is a yearly or Holiday tradition?  Do you do a family picture on the card or just pictures of your children/child?

I also love some of the gifts Shutter Fly has to offer.  I have actually gotten my mom and father in law mouse pads from Shutter Fly in the past and they loved the idea.   This year I have thought about ordering playing cards for the grandparents on my husbands side, his family loves to play cards. 

Shutter Fly is offering 50 free Holiday Cards to blogger's!!  That is an awesome deal.  They not only have a great selection of Holiday cards but so many different items to order as well as great gifts for grandparents! If you are a blogger you can check out all the information here.


Slamdunk said...

It is sneaking up on us.

The Mrs. usually handles the Christmas card duties, and I have to send a few on my own--which I wait until the last minute to do.

Anonymous said...

I love family Christmas cards. We always send them out and I also really enjoy seeing other families each year. It is such a special way to keep in touch!

Annie said...

I just got my I have to decide which ones to order!!

Jessica said...

Christmas will be here before we know it! I can't wait! I need to get to work on my Christmas cards too.

Katie said...

Love these cards! I really need to get on this...we haven't even taken our picture yet. ; )