Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coming To Town

We took the girls to see Santa this weekend ( they of course had to be in there holiday outfits ).  It is one of those things that I have to do every year but really dread doing.  Usually the lines are super long and once your up there it takes 2 minutes and your done.  Last year Alex hated Santa and so I really had to work her this year.  I told her she had to be good, no tears and she needed to sit on Santa lap so she could tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  I said if she didn't do it he would have no idea what to get her and he wouldn't bring her anything.  I know that's mean but it works like a charm!

They allowed me to take a few pictures of my own and these are the ones that I got. 

 Here are my girls . .  Even though they are not super smiley I adore this picture.  Avin's first year on Santa's lap and Alex actually happy on his lap!

Below is Alex sitting on Santa's lap telling him what she wanted . .
I adore this pictures, they make me all warm inside..
My big girls is growing!

She told Santa she wanted a Skateboard, more building blocks and a boat!!!  Love how her list changes daily but that dang skateboard is always on there. 

Here is the Santa Picture that I bought as well as the one from last year.

Last year on the left . .  this year on the right!

I adore last years picture with Santa . . ha ha a memory we will never forget.  This year went much more smooth!  

Can not wait to compare Santa images for years to come!  

Do you take your little ones to sit on Santa's lap?  Do you buy a package?

I bought a $35.00 package . .  got 4 5x7 images as well as the disk with the image on it.  
I also got a $20.00 shutterfly gift card!


Paige said...

The pictures with santa are just to precious! Especially the ones of him looking down at them. What sweet memories these will make.

Lucy Marie said...

So cute. I love them. I am still not sure if I'm going to take Evalyn or not ... we'll see.

Jessica said...

Santa pictures are the best! I especially love the ones when they are screaming. Sad, but they are just so cute! We are planning on going next weekend to see Santa. Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So cute! We haven't been yet...but I think were going this weekend.

Anonymous said...

They looked so pretty! My girls screamed last year and I'm sure they will this year, too, but Alex gives us hope that maybe next year, they'll enjoy him!

Meant to be a mom said...

I love the santa picture. So cute. They are both looking so nicely at the camera. No tears. That's always great :)

Jolene said...

Super cute pics! I wanna know where you went that you got the gift card. ;)

Sharstin said...

those are darling!! and that is a good lookin santa! love the girlies outfits!

Krystyn said...

I'd call that quite the success...we finally got one this year with neither girl crying. Last year and the year before? Hilarious!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute Santa pictures!!! Your Santa looks so different from ours...ours is in the traditional suit. The girls looked adorable, and it's awesome that they didn't cry!
I don't pay for Santa pics. We have a Santa house that we visit in my hometown. It's free (just give a donation if you want), and you take your own pictures.