Monday, November 1, 2010

Dance Party

I am in love with this picture!
The Wednesday before Halloween Alex dance class had a little party.  All the girls got to dress up in costumes and it was so cute.  Alex was so excited to pass out her treat bags and see everyone all dressed up.  

Alex sure did make the cutest Black Cat ever.  I love this costume and she just looked so cute.  She was a little unsure about her facepaint ( I think it itched ) and she loved her tail ( she would touch it to her face as she was looking in the mirror ).  

Everyone was dressed up and everyone brought something to share.  They went over there two dances and then they got to play a few games and pass out treats. Alex got to be the leader in one of the games they played and she was so excited when she came out of class.

Avin also had a ton of fun and just loved watching all the little girls.  One little girl was wearing a big bright yellow dress and Avin kept trying to crawl over and on top of her to feel her dress.

I however rolled my ankle on our way out the door and was in a lot of pain.  I basically couldn't wait to get out of there and home.  My ankle swelled up pretty bad and hurt for about 2 days.  It is still sore but I am not limping anymore.  

I just adore watching Alex grow and watching her personality bloom. 
Watching her accomplish things and learn new things makes me so proud of her. 
I still can not believe the little lady that she is turning into.  She is crazy, wild, fun, outgoing and so loving.  She is the sweetest 3.5 year old I know and she puts a smile on my face daily. 

Love You Sweet Girl.  Hope You Had A Wonderful Dance Party!


Catherine Anne said...

So Sweet!

Paige said...

Ah, isn't she so cute! I am loving that first picture as well! I also love the video, those are the most precious moments! It makes me miss CB dancing ballet!

Sharstin said...

so cute!! love the picts~ Z was a cat too~ she also was obsessed with her little tail:)

Anonymous said...

Glad she had fun with friends. Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

The girls looked so cute in their tutus!

Candice said...

That is one of the cutest costumes I've seen. What little dolls you have!

Jessica said...

How fun! I love their little tutus!

RN Mama said...

How sweet! My girls were able to wear the costumes to their dance class too, it was very cute:)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

P.S. I left you a blog award!