Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Wedding

My cousin Jessi got married a few weekends back.  It was actually the day we got 8+ inches of snow in Minnesota.  Chad had the entire day off so we got to spend the day together and then we all got to go to the wedding.  

I had no idea what anyone was going to wear ( i didn't buy anything new for this wedding and I am pretty sure Alex is wearing the same dress for Thanksgiving! ) and what I thought the girls where going to wear didn't work out.  I actually decided that everyone would wear some black and that Avin would wear the same dress Alex wore on our wedding day.  I knew this was the only special occasion  that Avin would have the chance to wear it and it is something I really wanted to see her in. 

We decided against going to the Ceremony as we didn't think it would be a lot of fun with 2 little ones.  So we just went to the reception.  My mom has 1 sister and 1 brother ( who lives in Alaska ) so we really didn't know that many people at the wedding at all.  Actually I only knew my immediate family, grandma and Denis, Aunt, one other cousin and the bride.  

It was super nice though to be able to sit and talk with my brother and his wife.  We had not seen them in awhile ( must get better at that ) so it was nice just to chat. Alex of course made friends with any little kid that was around.  She was running around, dancing, jumping and just being her lovely little self.  

We stayed and watched the first few dances and let Alex dance for awhile and then made our way home.  We got a ton of snow and we didn't want to be out to late driving around.  Plus everyone we knew was also leaving so it only made sense for us to leave as well and Avin was more then ready to get to sleep.  

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stuart!! 

Here they are to compare  . . . Alex ( almost 6 months ) and Avin ( 9 months )
Alex was never a chubby baby but she looks so much fuller even with the age difference!! 


Sharstin said...

oh i love weddings! and how great are all these fun picts~

Katrina said...

Your little girls are so beautiful! I love the comparison of them wearing the same dress!

Paige said...

How adorable, I really love weddings! Those are great shots that you got. I love the one of them kissing.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad you had fun at the wedding! Cute pictures!