Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween a few days / week late!!

I am so behind and really need to get caught up.  I have lots of stuff to blog about.  Mainly so that I have them on here and so that the girls can look back and remember the things we did.  Pictures from the last trip to the Mall of America and to the Orchard are coming soon.  Also more Halloween stuff!!

Here are some pictures and a video from Halloween Day!

My girls . . . Alex was a cute black cat and Avin was a chicken . . 
same thing Alex was for her 1st Halloween!

Here are some pictures of Alex friends right before we went trick or treating.

We hope these two below are best friends!!! They are 3 months apart.
Avin and Mackenna

 Big Group - Alex, Keylee, Avin, Mackenna, Allie and Mya
missing a bunch though

Avin and Daddy ready to hand out candy - daddy said only about 20 kids came
Grandma and Avin - Grandma and Grandpa Mueller had to come and see the girls this year.  Grandma and Grandpa Schuler where there too and I was horrible and did not get a picture of them with the girls.

The Ride -  The last two years we have gotten most of the circle together and gone trick or treating.  There is a Horseshoe close by our house that goes all out.  People sit out in the their driveways by fire pits and hand out candy.  This year was a little warmer then last which was nice.

It is hard to find a costume that is cute and can be dressed down or up.  Alex had to wear her costume to dance in which she just wore a black leotard and tights.  When she went out trick or treating she wore that same thing but with leggings and sweat pants on the bottoms which also included socks and black boots and then on top she wore a long sleeve turtle neck.  I had a black fleece, hat and mittens ready as well. 

You never know what the weather in Minnesota will be like.  When I was younger, 1991 to be exact we had a Halloween Blizzard.  There was at least 20+ inches of snow that fell over the week of Halloween.  We still braved the weather and went out and trick or treated. I remember I was small enough and was able to walk on top of most of the snow, only falling through some of the time.  I was 7 years old that year!

Excited to get the show started!

 Alex ran the entire time.
  Forget about the tractor and trailer.  She stayed with the big kids and ran the entire hour and a half we where outside.  I was tired just trying to keep up with her.  I had multiple layers on as well but ended up taking off my big jacket because I was so warm.  There was nothing cuter then watching her run from house to house and how excited she was.  I adored watching her little tail go back and forth!

 We made them stop and wait for some of the other kids to catch up.  Wanted her to take a little break and I wanted a few more pictures.  I brought a big target bag with us so when her bag got full or heavy she could dump it into mine.  It worked out really well and she ended up with way to much candy. 

When we came home we saw this!  Avin was helping pass out candy!  
Can not believe how big she is!  9 months on Wed.!!!! 


Hope You All Had A Happy Halloween!  
alex is already asking when Halloween is again!


Candice said...

I have been waiting for this post. ALL of the kids look soooooooo cute!!

Paige said...

What cuties! Have I mentioned that I love Alex as a blact cat?! lol. She's adorable!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Your girls looked so cute!!!