Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Orchard

We went to the Apple Orchard sometime in October.  We had never been to this one before and had a lot of fun.  There was tons of stuff for the kids to do and they loved it.  I think they enjoyed jumping off of the large hay stack the most.  There was also this cool wooden train to play on, a few animals, a large pumpkin patch, a hay ride ( that we didn't do ) and a large old grain container that they where able to climb up in and play in.  You could see through it all and they loved that.  

We had a blast and even though it was some time ago I wanted to share the pictures. 


Paige said...

Look at Miss Avin and how big she is! My goodness, she is growing so fast! You guys take the most fun little trips ever.

Sorry I haven't talked much in a while. I'm killing over from no sleep and 3rd shift. Yuck! I'll try better!

Anonymous said...

How cute! Looks like a fun day.

Krystyn said...

Wow..it was a beautiful day and looks like everybody had a great time.