Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winner Winner Winner

Three giveaways have ended and more are about to start...

But before I announce the winner I need some help.. Should I just have there be 1 or 2 chances to enter or do you like having 4 or 5 ways to enter?  Just want some feedback before I start another round of giveaways.

The Winner Of The Estylo Jewelry is number 10!
Elizabeth over at The Robbin's Nest!

The Winner of the Christmas Stocking Of Your Choice Is number 35

Gina over at Namaste By Day!

The Winner of the B.F.F. Matching Bracelet is number 13!
Paige over at Mommy & Charli!

Please email me at simplyclassicphotography@hotmail.com so that I can get your right emails to the Etsy Shop Owners!!  They will be incontact from there.  If you have an Etsy Account please also leave me your name on there! You can also just comment on here and leave your email for me here!

Thanks to everyone who entered.. I have a lot more giveaways to do that are super cute and fun!  So stay tuned and tell your blogger friends about them!


Elizabeth said...

This just made my day! I'm soo excited! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Emailing you now :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh and as far as entries? I'm impartial. It's your blog/giveaway so you can do whatever. Seems like a lot of blogs are doing the multiple entries thing, and as long as it's "fair" - like you have to do something before you enter, then it's ok.

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

I love love love your Santa pictures from your previous post! I hope my kids actually smile on Santa's lap, too! We shall see... :)

Annie said...

Congrats winners!!!

I kinda think that just one or 2 entries is enough....but its YOUR call :)

Gina said...

Yay! I'm emailing you now.

And FTR, I vote for 1-2 entries.

Paige said...

I just emailed you! Thank you so much!

I agree that one or two is enough. The others get overwhelming! But you gotta do what you gotta do to win if you want it bad enough =)