Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Winners

I am a little behind but here are the 3 winners for my last 3 blog reviews / giveaways! 

The winner of the Color Your World Beautiful giveaway 
of your child's name in Crayons
 is number 6, Kristin over at Jorden and Kristin.

The winner of the Super awesome Teething Necklace 
from Anna's Shop is number 10
Annie over at our little family

The winner of the sweater for your water bottle is
number 8, Kristi over at The Hutton House!

To all the ladies that have one can you please email me at

I need your email addresses and if you have an etsy name that would be great as well.  If you feel comfortable you can send me your first and last name and your address so that I can give it straight to the etsy shop! 

Krisit I have the sweater at my house so please include your address in

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Thanks Erin! I'm so excited about what I won!

I sent you an email ;)