Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve

On the years that we are home with my family for Christmas we always spend Christmas Eve with my dads side at my Aunt Lisa's House.  They order in Tucci Benucch, we do cousin gifts, Santa comes, most people give Grandma a gift, kids and adults go out and skate on the pond and my family exchanges gifts with my dad.

( my girl loves the piano.. seriously wishing we could afford to put her in piano lessons! )

This year we where missing 4 families so it was actually pretty quite and not that many kids running around.  Usually there is around 30 adults and 30 + kids.  There was still a lot of people but usually it is crazy and my aunts house is pretty big so people are all over the place.

 ( a few of the cousins, 2nd cousins, step brother, my child waiting for cousin gift exchange )

We don't get there until 6:30 and we usually leave by 11pm.  It gets late for the little ones but time flies by so fast.  Chad and I thought we would leave by 9 because we had to be up and at my moms by 10:30 on Christmas morning but we didn't even get outside to take Alex skating until 9:30 and by that time we decided to stay for Santa.  

I did a horrible job at taking pictures this year but I actually sat down and talked with my aunts, uncles and cousins.  It was really nice to sit down and talk with them all.  We have such a big family and we all live so close to each other but it is sad to say we only see each other like 1 - 3 times a year.  

My dad was Santa this year.  He has been Santa a lot, last year my brother was Santa for the first time and this year my dad.  It is always one of my uncles or one of the older cousins.  I was super worried that Alex would not want to go near Santa or sit on my lap but she just loved Santa.

Alex and Avin got great gifts from my dad and Karin.  They got clothes, slippers, boots, a movie, a blanket and I am sure I am missing some things.  Chad and I got Best Buy Gift Card... can't go wrong there!

We sure did have a wonderful Christmas Eve!  I already miss my family looking back at these pictures but am so glad that I get to see most the ladies on the 9th of January for my cousins baby shower!

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love the pictures, and it looks like you all had fun! I also took a break from my camera over the holidays. I wanted to actually enjoy them!