Thursday, December 9, 2010

Color Your World Beautiful

"Helping Children Express Their Creativity"

I am super excited about this giveaway and the opportunity to work with Amy from Ducks in a row boutique.  You see I love dealing with Etsy shops that have great people that run them.  I love dealing with ladies that are down to earth, sweet and just overall kind.  Amy is all of those and she has been helpful and so sweet.  

When I told her that I loved the crayons she made for my girls and that I didn't want to open the packaging because she packages them so nicely so told me, " I am so glad you love the ones for your girls. That is truly the only reason I do this. To make the kids happy. I have a full time job but it doesn't fulfill me like this does. I love children and love to see them happy and to know I may have touched a childs heart is rewarding."

I believe that if you are going to run a shop like this you have to love it and I can tell that Amy is passionate about what she does and that she truly loves making these crayons for little ones!

 So when I got in contact with Amy I asked her if she could send me Alexandra name in crayons.  Alex loves to color and I knew she would think it was super cool if she had her own name in crayons to color with.  Amy was so sweet and also sent a set with Avin's name!  So now both girls will have there name in crayons in stockings this year!  

There names will be like Kate above but she sent them in girl colors.  I will have to post pictures when they open them on Christmas morning!  

Here is an image above to give you an idea the size of the crayons.  I was really surprised at how heavy the package was when I opened the box.  

 Amy has lots of different molds.  I am showing you just a few of the different crayon designs she can do.  I am hopefully going to have her make little gifts for Avin's first birthday for all the little kids that come!  Every kid loves crayons right!

Amy is willing to make one of you a set of your son or daughter or niece or nephews name!  
 They are awesome and I know any child would love to see this from Santa on Christmas morning.  And if you have two kids well don't leave one out purchase another and they both will be happy! 

So are you excited?!?!

Just head on over to Ducks In A Row Boutique and make Amy's shop a favorite!

Yes I know her shop is closed down right now but I promise if you win you will get it before Christmas! 

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This giveaway will end on December 12th!
( i will try and get pictures of the packaging tomorrow )

Thank You Amy . .  
can't wait for my girls to open them and can't wait to work with you in the near future!


Anonymous said...

too cute!! favorited!

Anonymous said...

and i updated my facebook with it!!/desirae.iles

Katie said...

Of course I'm in :) These are beautiful! I love that she stamps the middle with a design that goes with the letter. brilliant!

Erica said...

Made it a favorite! Fun:)

Jorden and Kristin said...


Jorden and Kristin said...

My craft idea: take a picture frame with a fat border. Spray paint it a christmasy color. Then either embelish with stickers, paint words on it, or just leave it whatever color you chose to paint it. Hot glue two long ribbons to the back of the frame so they hang long down beneath the frame. Add clothspins to the ribbons. Stick your kids or family chrismtas picture in the frame.

Then, as christmas cards arrive in the mail clip them to the ribbons!

VoilĂ  a cute, simple Christmas card holder!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

Those are adorable. I'm excited for when Emily starts learning her letters.
Added her as a favourite in Etsy!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...


Gina said...

Favorited the shop!

Gina said...

Cutest craft idea I've seen at school this year...paint the child's hand like santa....the top and thumb red and the bottom half of the palm and four fingers white. The fingers become the beard. Add eyes and a nose...voila! Adorable.