Monday, December 13, 2010

A Girly Thing

When I ran across Everbloom Tee on Etsy I fell in love with her girly necklaces.  I immediately thought of Alex and knew that she would adore and have a lot of fun with one of these necklaces. 

I got this super cute necklace and I adore it.  I plan on putting it in Alex stocking and I can't wait tell she sees it.  I know that it will go around her neck right away.  To me it is simple, original and adorable! 

I love it, it is super well made and perfect for a little girl.

A few other necklaces that she has made that I think are super fun and cute. 
I love love love the bottom picture with the beads and felt flower in the middle!
But she doesn't only make bracelets, she also prints Tees as well.  

I am excited to be giving away a girly necklace to one of you.

You get a choice of a necklace up to $17.00.  See something else that catches your eye and you can pay the difference in price.

All you have to do is make her shop a favorite and tell me what necklace you would choose!

This giveaway will close on Friday the 17th at night time!


Jules said...

This one is my favorite!! Love all the cute stuff you find!!

Katie said...

Her necklaces are gorgeous! My niece would be SO cute in it :)

I MIGHT decide to keep it though (you know, for E when she gets older)---I want the bird one!

(going to make her shop a favorite right now!)

Kelly said...

First commenters never win, but here goes...I love the
girls wooden bead and felt flower necklace

Kelly said...

I added her shop to my favorites :)

Jennifer said...

I made her shop a favorite! I love the girls handmade bead and flower necklace! Cute stuff!

RN Mama said...

I'm not really familiar with Etsy, or how to make her shop a "favorite," so I just wanted to say those are some adorable necklaces!!

Anna said...

I love the rosette necklace! Also made her shop a favorite. :)

Gina said...

I want this one

for my niece's birthday!

*But I REALLY want one of her tees for myself.

Favorited her shop!

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

i added her to my favorites.

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

I love the sweet girls rossette necklace. Great giveaway!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I love love love that last beaded one with the flowers!!!! I made her shop a favorite and am SO buying one for Allie!