Monday, December 13, 2010

One Thing I Can't Stand

I can not stand a fake santa..

You know the Santa's at the mall . . 
Bless those men who dress up like Santa and spend hours a day taking pictures with children. 
Happy Children, Sad Children, Stressed Parents, Laid Back Parents, 
All sorts of crazy emotions these men have to deal with.
So I do thank them for being there.


There are a lot of men / grandpa's out there that look like Santa.  
They have the real beard, the long beard, the real white long beard.

They look like these nice Santa's 

So why on earth do some of the malls hire Santa's that look like this . . 

Fake beard, fake everything!

I mean I get it, someone needs to play the part and someone needs to dress up in a Santa Suit for hours on end and deal with all sorts of people but really can't they find someone that looks a liitle more real.  

I will say the 2nd picture is pretty good but I hate how you can tell it is all just fake.

I know that my girls have no idea whats going on but it just bugs me. 

The last two Santa's we have seen over the last two years have been REAL SANTA'S but the first SANTA Alex saw was so fake I could not stand it.  

Ok I am done being a scrooge!  
Don't take this personal this is just how I feel and if its the only Santa around I will of course get my girls pictures taken with a totally fake Santa because the picture is worth everything and they have no idea whats going on.


Becky said...

I agree with you. I teach 3rd grade (the age when some of them stop believing in Santa)and have an 8 month old girl. She took a pictuure with the real Santa and when I hung it up in my classroom, more than half of my kids asked "Mrs. Burt is that the real Santa?" and as I was about to answer them one of my students says "Yes it is. Do you know how I know?" I was intrigued so I said "How?" And she said "He is the real Santa because he has a real beard!" I loved it.

Anonymous said...

As much as you pay for them to sit with Santa and get pictures you would think they could have a better looking Santa. Even for the least expensive package where we went it was still 20.00.

Paige said...

I must agree with you. I think seeing a person that looks like santa is so much better than seeing that white fluffy beard that is falling off that mans face. It gets annoying to me.

Candice said...

I never really thought about it, but you're right, the fake beard is pretty ridiculous. This will be the 1st year Graham gets his picture with Santa. Santa is coming to his school, so we get what we get!

Stephanie said...

I'm with you!!!!!!!! Let me tell you we were in a Mexican restaurant the other night eating and a "real" Santa walked in. He had on his red pants and suspenders and a regular shirt. But real beard and also his hat. So real looking - my kids about had a heartattack!