Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winner Winner

Sorry I am behind.. I have now picked the winners for my last two giveaways! 

The winner of the Everbloom Tee Necklace is number 2 , Katie over at Loves of Life
It pays to enter all the giveaways.  This is the 2nd one that Katie has one in the past few weeks! 

The winner of the Blossom Baby is number 17, Carrie over at 4 The Love Of Family.
Carrie is newly expecting so this is perfect for her soon to be baby! 

Those are the giveaways that have ended.  I have one or two more to post and I have one going on right now.  Don't forget to enter to have a chance to win a super cute headband! 


Katie said...

hah :) don't tell people ive won twice! hehe. So what should I do to contact them?

MamaBear said...

Yeah! So excited! Thanks Erin!