Monday, January 10, 2011

11 Months

 Avin : Baby Avi : Baby Girl : Sweetie Sweetie

I can not believe that Avin is 11 months old today.  One more month and we will be celebrating her 1st birthday, it drives me insane to think that she is so close to being a one year old. 

To us she still looks like a little baby.
She is just so tiny.. chad still carries her around like she is a football.
She is so petite and only weighs around 17 pounds.  
She is wearing 6/9 month and a few 6/12 month clothing. 
She is in size 3 diapers.

Avin has her two lower teeth and I am sure a few more will pop up in a matter of weeks.

She is so cute.  Her personality is coming through and it is so fun to watch.  She is a lot louder then I remember Alex being and babbles/talks all the time.  She also whines a lot more then I remember Alex doing and I am not sure why. 

She has started to say dada, mama and a few other things but I still don't think she puts them all together.  She knows her name and looks at you if you call her.  She also knows Alex name and if you ask where Alex is she will look all around for her.  She knows mommy and daddy as well and will look for us. 

She is still a big time mommies girl but getting better.  She sure does love her mommy and prefers me over anyone else.  Sometimes it can be really stressful on me because she follows me around crying or whinning until I pick her up and hold her. 

She is mobile.. I mean she is walking! 
Forget the taking 5 steps that she has been doing for the past week or more.  She has started to walk all over the place and is more daring now then ever.  She tries to walk all the time and will soon only be walking.

It was so cute when she started walking she would do . .  step together step together step.. she still does this and always leads with her left foot ( pretty sure she will be left handed too just like Alex and I but this is the first time I have noticed her doing or favoring her left side ).

She is becoming more independent.  She loves to play by herself or with her big sister.  She just roams the house and finds her toys.   A few of her favorite things to do are take everything out of the winter hat/mittens/scraf bin, pull all the movies off the shelf and play by the dishwasher when it is down. 

Avin has also learned how to open and close all the drawers as well as the cabinets.  She has gotten her fingers stuck a few times.  She is so much more adventures then Alex was and is always into something.  We did not have to really baby proof anything with Alex and we are kind of just letting Avin live and learn. 

 She is nosy and wants to be apart of everything.  She follows you around or will find you in a room and just watch and observe.  If you are holding a conversation and it doesn't involve her she gets involved and starts talking really loud.

She just followed Chad into the office and he called her, "Curious Kitty" ! 

She absolutely adores her sister and her sister absolutely adores her.  Avin follows her all over and copies her.  She also learns a lot from her and I think Avin is doing things ahead of when Alex did them because she wants to be just like her big sister.  They are starting to play together and do things like sisters.  Alex is always willing to help with Avin and she is just such a great big sister.

We have a little rocking chair in the living room and Avin loves to sit on it.  This week she has learned how to get herself off of it as well.  It is so cute to watch the determination on her face when she is getting off of the rocking chair.  

 Avin is a great eater.  Her appetite has definitely grown in the past few weeks.  She eats a ton and is trying new things daily. She loves oatmeal as well as cream of wheat.  She also likes chicken nuggets, toast, pb&j, mac and cheese, hot dogs, pancakes and ANYTHING she can hold.  Recently she has shown a love for apples and bananas, even though when she eats a banana she turns into a complete mess.  

We switched her over to milk and she does way better with milk instead of Formula.  She does not spit up nearly as much and actually drinks way more milk.  She still only drinks milk, we never give her juice and she might have a tiny taste of water from here and there at a restaurant. She drinks between 4 an 6 oz maybe 3 or 4 times a day.

She may be a great eater but she is still not a great sleeper.  She falls asleep around 8:30 but wakes up around 11:00, usually I just have to go into her room and lay her back down.  She then wakes up around 3:30, usually I have to hold her for 15 minutes and then she goes back to sleep.  She has not been great at napping either. Some days she will take 3 30/45 minute naps and other days she will take 1 or 2 1.5/2 hour naps.

We are still trying our best to keep her in her crib at all times.  I do not want her sleeping in our bed even though when it is the middle of the night it seems like that is a much easier and better solution.

 We love this little girl so much.  It has been amazing to watch another little grow and go from such a tiny little baby to an almost toddler.  It is amazing to see how much she is alike but yet so different from her sister.  I am excited to watch her grow more and more and I am lucky that I get to be with her just about every single day so that I do not miss anything.  

We love you little miss!  Can't wait for next month when we get to celebrate your first birthday!

Happy 11 Months!


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Wow she's growing so fast. Seems like you just had her. Must be exciting getting her 1st birthday planned!

Anna said...

Sooo big! Seems like such a happy girl. When are her and Dimitri going to meet?

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 11 months, Avin!
She is getting SO big! Seeing pictures of her walking is crazy!

Lyr said...

Awe, this is so sweet. Boy does time fly. I can remember finding out last year you had here! Wow, she sure is a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Oh adorable! It's crazy looking at pictures of her walking with her so small. Love it though!!!!!

Paige said...

Happy 11 months pretty girl!

Meant to be a mom said...

Happy 11 months Avin, I just can't believe she's already almost a year old.
She still looks so tiny yet shoes moving around so quickly and getting so big.
Its amazing how fast they grow.

Sharstin said...

she is so tiny and adorable! love her little red striped dress:)

Candice said...

Wow, she is doing amazing!! It's hard to believe she was a preemie!

Raechel said...

Yay for a walking girl!! She looks so big and grown up! (also, that cart looks great!)

It's so weird to see Avin walking because she and Hazel were due around the same time. I know Avin's older, but still - WALKING!!!!?! Seeing that makes it all the more real that Hazey will be doing that soon too!

Happy birthday to you, girl! And happy 11 months to Avin!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

She is SO cute! I love the pictures of her with her little walker. Thanks for posting the info about it too - it looks so cool!