Saturday, January 29, 2011

California Day 1

We headed to California on Thursday the 20th early in the morning.  
We spent the night at my mom and step dads place because it is much closer to the air port and was a lot easier to ride with them then try and meet them all there.  We got up at 6am and where at the airport by 7:30am that morning.  This would be the 2nd time Alex flew on a plane and the first time for Avin.  I was a little nervous but Avin slept most the way and Alex slept half the way so it really was a great plane ride.  

From the airport we went out for Mexican and it was great.  
My step brother and his two little boys met us for lunch.  I only took one picture there that turned out :).  I had fajitas, that is what I always eat when we go to Mexican Restaurants.  Alex just always eats the chips and salsa or cheese deep and Chad most the time tries something new.  

From the restaurant we went to our Hotel.  We had a great hotel and our rooms where nice.  We had a king size bed with a couch and they brought in a crib for Avin.  Alex slept on the couch every night and it worked out perfect.  California is 2 hours behind Minnesota so we where up by 5:30am every single morning and in bed by 9:30 every night.  We also enjoy the hot tub a few times and Avin loved the hot tub and both girls loved the pool.  I did not get any pictures of our hotel, so horrible of me. 

After about 20 minutes at the Hotel we decided to head to the Ocean before we met my step brother and his family for dinner.  Alex and Avin have never been to the Ocean before so it was pretty special.  Not sure Alex will remember it but I took plenty of pictures for her to look back on.  I had intended on doing a photo shoot at the beach with them but it was windy and a little chilly that day and we never made it back to the beach. 

Here is a picture over load of the beach.

Alex and my mom lost their shoes right away and headed down to the ocean to get their feet wet.  My step dad followed them shortly after.  

My girl loved the Ocean.  
She was watching the waves, collecting sea shells and just having a great time.  It was to cold to swim but she sure soaked up all the time she had near the water and in the waves. 

We took a few little family pictures.
I was so bad at taking family pictures this entire trip that I am really disappointed in myself. We did not get ONE ENTIRE family picture.  So sad, so very sad.  I really wanted to hire a photographer but we never got around to it and some people didn't want to, truly disappointing.

My brother and his wife ( and avin )
They are expecting a baby at the end of July.

Grandpa and Avin

My stepbrother Chad doing cartwheels on the beach!

Grandma and Alex on the beach.
Grandma was so patient with Alex as so collected tons and tons of sea shells.

My girl getting all messy.  
Notice the sleeves of her shirt are soaking wet.  

We then came across a LARGE piece of Kelp and we thought we would try use it as a jump rope.  I got in on the action and showed my little girl how to jump rope with a BIG ROPE!  She was so excited to watch and she even tried herself but could not really figure it all out.  

A few pictures of my step brother Chad. 

My brother Adam skipping rocks / shells.

 After the beach we went back to the Hotel and got ready to go out to dinner.  We went to a place called Corvettes and it was AWESOME.  Amazing burgers and shakes and the place took you back to the 50's playing all sorts of great music.  They also had an arcade and we all got to play a few games, I even beat the husband in Air Hockey! The two pictures I took that night are of my nephew Nolan!

That was the end of our first night.  We headed back to the hotel and went to bed pretty early.  We had a busy day planned for day two.  We got to hang out for awhile at the hotel and then head to Sea World for the day.  

Stay tuned for Day Number 2 of our California Trip!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a blast! Looks like your off for a good start!

Terri said...

I love the ocean! You got some great photos, so don't beat yourself up.

Paige said...

I love all of the beach pictures. I'm so glad that you guys had a wonderful time.