Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent at my mom and step dads house like it is every other year.  
All my siblings where in town and it was perfect.  We celebrated with some of my step dads family in the morning with brunch.  My mom makes her amazing overnight eggs, my aunt brings her Kringle and everyone else brings things to share.  I mainly just look forward to the eggs and kringle.  After they all leave we sit down as a family and open gifts.  

Side Note :  I was horrible this year and took almost no pictures.  
I am sad looking back and will for sure make up for it when we are all in California in a few weeks. 

My girls on Christmas Day.  
This is about the best picture I got of them all day together! 
Photographer FAIL.

My little nephew Nolan is just too cute.  
My newest nephew Nash!  This was the first time we got to
meet him and he is so cute as well!  Love those boys so much!
I sure do miss that we do not get to see him but one or two times a year! 

Alex and Avin got a Doll House from my mom and step dad.  They also got tons of stuff to go in the doll house and a table for it to go on.  It is already in our basement and Alex plays with it a ton.  I will have to take a picture of it now that it is all set up.

On top of that they got clothes ( avin got tons ), hampers, activity books for Alex, a wooden push cart for Avin, crocs, bath toys, luggage, this awesome Hot Dots game for Alex, a pelican for Avin crib, at home build a bear, coloring sets and other toys.

Chad and I got a lot of great gifts as well.  I got my new bedding that I wanted and I am in love with it.  Chad got the movement for the PS3 and he is enjoying it.  We also got a year subscription to Net Flix, blu ray movies, undies from VS, makeup, a new purse/diaper bag that I love, food gift cards for Chad to use for lunches,

 My little cutie!
She could have cared less about opening gifts of course but
she sure did love the paper and bows or ribbons!

 My step sister Lauren and her Husband Joey.
They are expecting a baby that will be due in August!
Could not be happier that our family is growing like a weed.

My sister in law Heather and her Yoga stuff she got.  She is hard core into yoga.
She is also pregnant and due at the end of July!


After opening the massive amount of gifts and relaxing for a bit most of the men and some of the females went outside for some sledding! 

 My little Snow Bunny!
I absotluey love her snow outfit this year.. 
Thanks H&M for having this super cute jacket that I fell in love with the second I saw it!

 My mom, step brother chad, husband and brother in law joey!

Ross and Nolan.
They live in California so this is the first time Nolan has really played in snow. He absolutely loved it and did not come in for about 2 hours.  They where the last ones out there and he still was not ready to come in.  They did however come up to our house the next day and he was not ready to ride on the snowmobile.  We will hope for next year!

 Why must she always eat the snow?

 Alex and Nolan made lots of Snow Angels.  
Nolan kept saying "Make Angel"!

 Cousins. . .  Alex sure had a fun time playing with Nolan. 
She keeps talking about him and can not wait to go to California where Nolan lives!

The husband and brother in law decided to cross the pond and try sled down a giant pile of snow!
Nolan, Ross and I just watched and hoped they didn't fall into a hole that put the snow over their heads.

 We had a blast sledding.  After sledding we all just hung out and talked, played with christmas gifts and relaxed.  My mom made an amazing Ham dinner and we took off at about 8pm that night.  

We had a wonderful Christmas Day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got some great photos! I really thought it would be easier to take pics as my girls got older, but it seems to be getting harder! Maybe we just have too much fun don't want to take time to pick up the camera!

Jessica said...

I think you got lots of great pictures! The girls look so pretty in their Christmas dresses. I love Alex's jacket. I wish we had an H&M areound here! Oh & y'all racked up on gifts! Haha!

Sharstin said...

looks like you guys had the perfect day! love all these fun picts, and your kiddos look darling as always~

Candice said...

My fav picture of all is Alex as a snow bunny. She is so cute and that winter gear is adorable!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Erin!~ Glad you had such a sweet Christmas day with your family, such a blessing, isn't it?? I saw you today!! At the EP mall :) I was having lunch with Trav and the kids and I saw you from a distance...I tried to get your attention, but we were too far apart. Hope you had a great day!

Also, just read your sweet tribute to your step dad, which probably made him cry! So kind of you to write that and share pictures with us, and what a wonderful blessing God gave you in him!

Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

Great pictures Erin! Abby always eats the snow too! (ick)
Christmas flew by. I hope 2011 slows down a bit!

Katrina said...

It looked like a fun day! The girls look so happy.

I was pretty horrible at taking pictures of Aidyn this year too. Just too much chaos!

Lucy Marie said...

Looks like your christmas was wonderful! I love the photos. Isn't it so fun when everyone in the family is all having babies around the same time? Eva has three cousins that are all within 12 months of her. So fun!

Stephanie said...

How fun - you might not have gotten a bunch of them together but you got some great shots. Sounds like they and you lucked out this year :) Love the loot!