Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deleted Scenes

So I am working in my basement / play room / office this morning and I was going through photos looking for photos to print for Avin 1st birthday and I came across a folder tilted new camera in my Alex and Avin 2010 Folder.

I opened it and I was going to delete them.  
You see when I first got my camera I sucked at using it and I took my girls down where I am at now which was once my studio which I once used nasty crap lighting to shoot but now use all natural ( 90% of the time ) and the studio no longer exists. 

Something stopped me and I started to edit them and then I started to cry.  You see my husband has always told me not to delete any pictures but I don't think he really realized HOW MANY pictures I take.  I also almost always shoot in RAW and well you have to convert those to jpeg which means I edit almost all my photos before I convert them.  These 200 plus images where sitting in RAW format taking up lots of space on my hard drive and I just kept over looking them.  

Well this morning as the tears where flowing and I was editing them I couldn't believe that I was going to delete these images.  These amazing, raw, real, some of Avin's first pictures.  How could I delete pictures of my little girls how could I have over looked these blurry, screaming baby, out of focus pictures?  

I just can't believe that my baby is going to be ONE!
I can't believe almost 4 years has passed sense the day I became a mom!
I can't believe that I am a mommy of two of the most beautiful most amazing little girls! 
I can't believe I am this lucky!
I can't believe they are mine!
I can''t believe they are ours!

Taken a day or two after she came home from the NICU! 

Alex loves Avin
Avin adores Alex
I sure hope this bond only grows and grows and they will 
always be so close and become amazing friends, girls, sisters!

Naked Baby + Cold Basement = NOT A HAPPY BABY!

 At her side, to her rescue, to hold, to comfort, to just be there for her.
It is what sisters are for! But even the big sister can only 
take so much crying and screaming from a tiny baby!

Those big eyes so early in life!

That tiny little mouth, the most amazing eyes, sweet little nose and a dimply on her chin just like daddy all wrapped up in a soft pink blanket!

 Up close and personal!

Welcome to the TRIBE!

So glad I looked at these picture again before I was going to delete them.  Sure brings back a lot of memories of how tiny she truly was when she was a baby and how far she has come!


Paige said...

So happy for you that none of these pictures were deleted. What a mess that would of been! I'm always so scared of deleting pictures (a.k.a. precious memories!)

Lindsay said...

Those are sweet photos from a wonderful time in your life. So glad you got to re-live them and not just delete them!

Jessica said...

I just CAN'T delete any of my pictures either! Oh & I just caught up on your California post. I am so jealous! I want to go to California so bad! I love the cartwheel pictures :)

Annie said...

Awwww......good think that you didnt delete these!! Look at that tiny little cutie!!