Friday, January 7, 2011

It Goes On and On and On

A little certain someone turns one in just about a month and I have been planning this party for almost 4 months now.  The theme has changed a few different times but now it is set in stone and everything is falling into place.  I have lots of different Etsy shops working on things for her party, I have a great friend Kelly helping me with her invitations and a few other things, I have my cake lady making the perfect cake and I have family helping me with all sorts of random things.
I have a list that just goes on and on and on...
The list is of things that need to get done before her big 1st birthday party...

It is sad but true that my house is only clean when I know people are coming over..
Please don't surprise me and stop by because my house will be a disaster! 

So on the list are things like . . 

After having these frames for over a year ( yes I got them in 2009 for Christmas ), they are finally up on the wall.  That was the 1st part that got checked off my list.  Now I need to fill them with pictures!  Some of Alex, Avin, Alex and Avin, our little family and more.   So this weekend I will spend a few hours searching through all my photos on Fotki in hopes to pick out the ones I want printed!  

Thanks babe, Eric and Darlene for helping me finally get these on the wall.

This office.. it has been white sense we moved in and it needed color. We are not done yet, it actually still needs 2 more coats of trim and 1 more coat on all the walls except on wall needs two more coats.  We love the color and I know it will look much better once it is completely done.  I might even move up office back upstairs once we get new furniture.  Ikea here we come again!  Wish we could afford nicer custom stuff but that is just not practical right now.

Oh and that mess.. my husband is building a new computer.  He got lots of parts for Christmas and is starting to put it all together.  This room will be spotless the weekend of the party.  Oh and that futon you see.. well I hope to sell it at the garage sale this summer or find a cover for it so that we can keep it.  It is nice and in great condition just not in the Chinese symbols anymore.

Then There is our living room.. I needed to clean it big time, de clutter and rearrange it.  I got it all done this morning with Alex help.  She kept Avin busy, helped me dust and pick things up off the floor.  Still needs a little more help cleaning but it looks way better.  I moved the large couch in front of the window and I moved the big table you see in the middle of the room to the side by the large couch.  It is nice and open now and the girls can play as well as when people as sitting on the couch they can talk to each other or people at the kitchen table or in the kitchen instead of having their backs towards them. 

I also took two leafs out of our kitchen table and I love it.  It looks so small but we are only a family of four and now our dining/living room looks and feels so much bigger and more open. 

Some other things that are on the list that I have not yet started to get done are . . . 

Take down and put away Christmas Tree and Decorations 

Cover our kitchen chairs 
This one is on my mom because she knows how but let me tell you these things are nasty.  They are so gross and I am embarrassed for anyone to even sit on them!  She will pick out some fabric and I can not wait to have them covered and finished! 

Paint Master Bedroom 
Thanks for the help of some of you I think we have it narrowed down to the two colors : one main and one accent wall.  I am super excited about my new bedding that I got for Christmas and I want my bedroom to be finished before her party!  We will see though.

Scrub Kitchen / Entry Way / Mud Room / Laundry Room floors 
I do not do this ever and it really needs to be done.  All of the floors need to be washed and scrubbed.

Clean all Bathrooms 
We have 4 bathrooms and they all need a good deep cleaning! We for sure do not do this enough and it really needs to be done. Might have to put my husband on this one. 

Other Small Things To Do  . . . 

  • Order Balloons - Bright Pink, Orange, White and Light Pink
  • Buy tissue paper for the pom pom balls Kelly is going to help me make. - Pink and Orange
  • Get Avin's birth certificate because I can not find hers and I need it to get her free birthday cake.
  • Find 2 clear glass vases that are tall to hold the party favors. 
  • Address invitations
  • Make a birthday sign to put in a certain spot in our house
  • Birthday Banner 
  • Menu : need to figure this out
I need help with the Menu . . .  
If I am planning the party to be around 11:30 or 12 pm  do I need to do a lunch or can I just do appetizers.  I am thinking I need to do a lunch.  So I am going between sloppy joes or cold cuts.  I am planning a few different salads : Broccoli Salad, Wild Rice Salad, Cookie Salad and a fruit salad.  I will also have a chip dip that I always have and I am thinking about having my mom make her beans.  I always make to much food but this is what I love about having parties.  

Guest List :
Grandma and Grandpa Mueller, Grandma and Grandpa Schuler, Grandpa Dan and Karin - Conner and Lauren
Bob and Ann Ciardelli - Cole, Parker and Sophie , ShaNae and Deyon - Mya and Makenna , Krisi and Jon - Ryan and Keylee, Anna Murrow, Nicole and Brian Norris, Eric Schuler, Adam and Heather Ciardelli, Nate and Heather Schuler, Denise Stinson - Katie and Leah , Courtney Parks - Robbert and Charlise , Kelly and Brian Oxborough - Chase, Abby and Kenzie 
Great Grandma Marlyn and Dennis , Great Grandma and Grandpa Schuler, Great Grandma Etten, Great Grandma Mary, Bruce and Kathy Anderson . . . . .

Ok I am sure I left a lot out and still have a lot to think about.  


    Anonymous said...

    You're making me feel way behind... I have a 2nd birthday party to plan in just over a month! Yikes! I hope we get everything done in time! (Although I won't be doing any painting before then! LOL!)

    Lyr said...

    There is a list just like that at my house. I want to repaint the kitchen and put up a backsplash... yea, we'll see if that ever happens. haha

    Kelly said...

    Holy Cow have a big to-do list. Good thing I can help you knock some of those things off your list. Love the frames going up the stairs, covering chairs isn't hard (I did it 2 times to our last table and chairs set). Also, with the time of your party, people will think that is lunch time, but if you have enough salads and other stuff, you don't need a main course :)

    Stephanie said...

    Looks like it's coming together nicely. My house needs a deep clean too - my least favorite is scrubbing the floors. I think I'd rather clean the bathrooms than scrub floors!

    Love the frames on the wall - they look great.