Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Birthday

I turned 27 on January 12th and we celebrated my Birthday in shifts.  

The night before my birthday we went to The Cheesecake Factory with my mom, step dad, brother and sister in law.  I love The Cheesecake Factory!  We had an order of guacamole for an appetizer that was amazing and then I had a pasta that I could barley touch ( bc it was so big ) for dinner and of course we got a few pieces of Cheesecake for dessert! 

I got a pedicure from my brother and his wife ( in which she came with me and we had a girls lunch and pedicure, which we need to do more often! ) and I got a few gifts cards from my mom and step dad ( express and H&M ) as well as a necklace from Vintage Pearl and the birthday check that my step dad always gives us.  It was an awesome dinner and a great way to start my birthday!

On my birthday I had to work and my aunt was home so she made lunch and had cupcakes and cute flowers that Parker had picked out for me.  It was a nice birthday and then we went over to our neighbors house ( one of alex best friend Mya ) and had pizza and cupcakes before we had to take the girls to dance. 
On Friday night we met my dad and step mom and her kids as well as my brother and his wife for bowling and dinner at this new alley called Pin

 My dad adores my girls so it was fun for him to interact with them.  
He always brings them candy and toys when we see him.

We bowled two games and then called it a night.  
It took us over an hour and a half to get home that night and it was a stressful drive home!
But it was worth the stress, we do not see my dad that often so I like to take advantage of any opportunity that is thrown my way.

Chads parents and brother came into town that Friday night and we spent the weekend painting and hanging out.  It is always nice to have them at our house as we enjoy spending time with them whenever we can.

Some other great things I got for my birthday : Eclipse, Best Buy gift card, Home Depot gift card ( which paid for the paint for the office and my bedroom ), Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card, another Pedicure gift card and money!  I also got the cutest picture from Alex of her and daddy snowmobiling.

It was a great birthday.


Katie said...

So glad you had a special birthday. It's fun to spread out the celebration! I love pedicures. ; )

I can't get over all your snow!

Katrina said...

It sounds like a great birthday!! Glad you had fun. :)

Paige said...

So very happy to see that you had a wonderful birthday! I love the pictures as always! And now I am craving the cheesecake factory, yum!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday! I always love spreadeing out the celebrating! Happy Birthday!

Jessica said...

What a great way to celebrate! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!