Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Step Dad

 I am not sure if I have ever told you all just how lucky I am.  I have the most amazing Step Dad ever.  I truly mean that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to have the step dad like I do.  Lots of people come from divorced families where their parents don't get along or where they hate their step parent.  My family is almost completely different in where my mom gets a long with my dad and they can stand each other and talk and get a long for the most part.  My step dad and his wife also get along and we even spend Christmas morning with my step brothers and sister mom and their step dad.  It is actually pretty crazy to think about and we are all so lucky that are parents can put the reasons why their marriage didn't work behind them and get along for their childrens sake.  

 My step dad : his name is Jack : he is the most caring, giving, understanding, loving, generous, easy going ( most the time ), hard working, good looking man I know.  

If Jack was not in my life, well my life would be 100% different with out a question.  He has his own business and he is the most hardworking dedicated man I know.  It is because of him that my mom is so happy and let me tell you she is so lucky.  It is because of him that my brother and I had an amazing life growing up.  It is because of him that I got to play sports, drive a car when i turned 16, go to college ( which I really need to finish ), and go on family trips. It is because of him and my mom that I have grown up the way that I have: strong, determined, loving, caring, hardworking, emotional and understanding. 

Well my step dad just celebrated his birthday on the 22nd of December.  Usually we would have gone out to dinner to a nice restaurant and had a great time, but this year we did something completely different.  One of my step brothers is a Chef and he cooked us this amazing pasta and chicken/veil.  My mom did some great sides and it was over all an amazing dinner with a yummy chocolate cake for dessert. 

 (Alex and Nolan had a great time playing together )

Not only was it his birthday but all my siblings where in town for Christmas so it was extra special.  We all just got to hang out, talk and enjoy each others company.  There was two things that happened that night that made it EXTRA special.  My step sister and her husband ( below on the left ) told us they where expecting a baby in the start of August.  We where all surprised but so excited to be adding another baby to our family.  Then my brother and his wife ( below on the right ) also shared that they where expecting a baby the end of July.  Some of us already knew about Lauren and Joey's pregnancy and some of us already knew about Adam and Heather's so it was super excited that we all know now and we can not wait to add two more babies to our family. 

 Here is my nephew Nash. 
Isn't he so stinken cute! He is 7 months old!

My baby girl, still wasn't feeling 100%!

 Everyone just talked and hung out at the table after dinner.  
We had a great time just catching up and talking with everyone.

 Then it was time for Papa to open his gifts.  Alex and Nolan had to help and papa was of course willing to let them help him open his gifts.  We gave him a gift card to KFC and I had wrapped it in a KFC box!  I think his favorite gift was from my mom, she gave his a gift card to go gliding down in Rochester.  This is something he has always wanted to do and now he can do it.

Grandpa being crazy and modeling his new hat.  I didn't get a picture but he has ear things that can come down to keep his ears warm.  He also got a really cute picture of him, my step brother Ross, Nolan and Nash!  

 We had a great night.  We didn't leave their house until about 9:30 at night and we left Alex there to spend the night.  She did great! 

Hope you had an amazing Birthday Papa Jack.  
We love you!


Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Looks like alot of fun! Your step dad sounds like an amazing man!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! Your stepdad sounds like a wonderful man!

Jessica said...

Aww great pictures, as always! Hope his Birthday was great!

Katrina said...

That was such a sweet post! :) Your step dad sounds great. Happy Birthday to him!

Lyr said...

Your step dad sounds like a gift from above. That's so awesome! I love the pictures!

Katie said...

This is beautiful, Erin. What a wonderful tribute to your step-dad. I know he was touched!

You asked about coupons...I get most of mine from the Sunday newspaper, but a good friend of mine also does a blog with all sorts of tips!


Good luck!

Stephanie said...

How fun!!! He sounds awesome!!!

My parents divorced when I was just a baby and even though we went through difficult years when they didn't get along they all do now. Crazy! They were all together at my house Christmas morning too :)