Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Such Thing As A Snow Day!

 Even during the winters of the Frozen Tundra we are able to get outside for a little while and get some Energy out.  Though we have not done it much this year the kids love to play outside in the snow.  The boys are usually out there a few times a week playing together but the girls usually stay inside. 

Now that the winter has been here for what seems like forever sometimes just getting outside for 15 minutes is enough to help everyone with energy and crabbiness.!

 They borrowed a small snowmobile from a friend of my Uncles.  It isn't working right now but they loved sitting on it and playing around it!

 There is no such thing as a Snow Day In Minnesota.  
I laugh when I hear about all the states / towns closing schools down because of an inch or two of snow.  When I was younger we would have loved to have snow days but I do not remember having one of them!

Now that Avin is walking it is all she wants to do.  
She just makes passes all over our house going back and forth and back and forth.  Just recently she has learned how to turn and it is so cute.  She is getting so good at walking and it is only a matter of time where she will never crawl again.

Yes she always is holding something in her hands which almost always ends up in her mouth.
  Her outfit it from 77 Kids and I need to try and get a larger size pants as the top is HUGE on her but she wears it anyways because I love it ( christmas gift from grandma Char )

It is so cute to watch her walk.  She is so tiny but yet so mobile. 
I would have never guessed that she would already be walking and be doing as well with how she started life!  She sure is a strong little lady. 

I am almost done catching up with pictures and things we did weeks ago.  I will blog about my birthday soon! 


Erica said...

Cutie! Kirsten still isn't walking, well she will take 4 or 5 steps but then is done. She is happy crawling I guess:)

Meant to be a mom said...

Its so funny that you posted about this. Because after hearing New York got 18-19 inches last night, I was in shock. Hah, Oklahoma got 2-3" last week and School was closed for 3 days. Mainly because its more like ice coating the ground and it won't melt away. We aren't equipped for weather like that so the city never prepares or clears it out quickly. Its just a big ol ice skating rink sometimes.
I'm glad your kids are getting to enjoy the tons of snow you guys are getting though :) It looks like they are having fun.

Avin is adorable and look at her being such a big girl walking around and all.