Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Goal

So one goal I am going to make for 2011 is to start using coupons.  I use them every now and then ( thank you grandma for always sending me diaper coupons ) but know that I could save so much more if I used them all the time.  

So I need some help from all you ladies out there that use a ton of coupons.  I do not know where to find them so if you have great sites that you know about can you leave a comment and link them for me. 

I read tons of blogs that save so much money on a trunk load of food and I want to be one of those people.  I want to save my family some money on grocery's. 

So Please Help!


Donna said...

Good goal!! I was faithful about that some years ago and it really paid off!! I remember getting $130worth of groceries for $52!! I was thrilled....and then I got lazy. (I like to think it was busy!!)
Have a wonderful nerw year!!

Little Lexi said...

I too am trying to save more money this year. So I am interested in what you find out.

The Ermis Family said... is my favorite!!
These are available on fb:
hot coupon mama,coupon cravings, and crazy couponers.

This is also something I am trying to work on this year.