Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Questions Answered

Here are a few of the questions that some of you asked about me or of me a few days back.  

Questions 1 : How did we pick our girls names.

Alexandra Mary - Alexander is my moms dads ( my grandpa ) name and my middle name is Alexandra ( after him ), Mary is my Grandma's name on my dads side.

Avin Maxine - I have only heard of this name once before and it was my old hair stylists granddaughters name.  Loved it and we picked it the day she was born.  Maxine is after Chads grandma on his dads side. 

Questions 2 : How did Chad and I meet.

Chad and I met at Best Buy.  We actually met / got to know each other better while playing a Role Playing game called Star Wars Galaxy.  We talked on there at first and then started talking at work and then started hanging out.  Seems crazy to think that we got all those first questions and actually got to really know each other through a game but it worked out great!.  

Question 3 : When did I get into photography.

When we had Alex I always wanted to get a nice camera.  When we got married and had money I told Chad one thing I wanted to get is a BIG camera.  He told me I would never carry it around or use it because it was so big but I fell in love with it and it got me started.  Here I am today still getting started and still trying to figure out this entire photography business.

Question 4 : Number one tidbit about shooting in manual.

It is hard shooting indoor in manual.  You have to find the right lighting or you have to have a lens that has a low F-Stop.  Your 50mm lens if you have one has the low F-stop so try that.  Otherwise you can try shooting in AV and see if that helps, sometimes that can be tricky though.  Shooting indoor can be trick y especially if you can't control the lighting!

Question 5 : Do I think I will have another baby or When is baby #3 coming.

I really don't know.  This is a tricky questions because some days I feel like we are done having kids but most days I REALLY want another one.  It is scary for me because of all the issues I have had during pregnancy.  The condition I had with Avin will most likely come back with another baby.  Also money is a big issue, we are struggling as it is and another baby would be a lot of work.  I really do not want money to be a reason we do not have another baby but it might be the reason.  Time will tell and it will be another 2 years before we make an actual decision!

Question 6 : Favorite Quality about myself

Umm wow this is a tricky one... usually I like to hear what other people think about me but I think that I am a great listener and a great friend.  I do not have many friends but the friends I do have mean the world to me and I trust in them a lot.  I surround myself with few people but people I know I can count on and trust in.  So I think that my best quality would be that I am a good listener.  But don't be fooled I am also very opinionated and I will tell you my opinion :)

Question 7 : Favorite Famous Girl 

OH WOW . . . Umm well . .  gosh.. I don't know.. I mean if you where asking famous men then I could tell you Wentworth Mill, Nick Lachey, Jesse Metcalf, Chad Michael Murray and more.  

But girls well I do love Jessica Biel, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston . . .  maybe more!

Question 8 : Dream Job growing up 

My dream job growing up was to be a teacher.  I actually went to school for awhile to become a teacher but stopped because I didn't want to move away from MN and the pay for a teacher is not great.  I have also always wanted to be a Veterinarian.  After being in Cali and at Sea World I realized I should be working with animals but what sucks is that Science and Math KILL ME!! 

Question 9 : If I had another girl what would her name be 

Well as much as I think we might stick with an A name I am in love with the name Esme right now and I think it fits perfect with Alex and Avin.  If we stick with an A name then I like Aubry, Audra and I am not sure what else. I also kind of like the name Andy for a girl. Do you guys know any great A names?

If we had a boy.. well I think we would go with CMS for the initials as we would use Michael for a middle name which is Chads dads name and Chads middle name.  I love the names Crosby, Colson, Coleton and a few other C names!  Do you have any great C names? 

Any other questions out there?!?!  
Don't be afraid to ask, I am a very open person!


Stephanie said...

I love this!!! I'm with you - it takes a lot for me to trust other people so there are few close friends. I mingle and get along but there are few people I really open up to.

Anonymous said...

It was neat learning more about you! Have a great day.

Jessica said...

I love learning all about my bloggy friends! :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Great answers. I definitely think Esme is a pretty name and it flows with your girls names.
Andy is one of my fav girl names ever.

As far as C names for a boy, Cooper is definitely the best C name ever for a boy :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I liked reading your answers, and learning more about you!
My great niece is named Aubrey, and I think it's a really pretty name.